Heffner-the rest of the story

By:  Diane Benjamin

You have probably heard that Bloomington’s Police Chief has been nominated by President Trump for US Marshal.  He will be missed locally, but he won’t be leaving anytime soon.


The US Marshal job is a political appointment.  That means he would serve at the pleasure of the President.  The job is currently vacant probably because the last person with the job quit when the new president was sworn in.  It’s customary for all political appointees to quit at that time.

Normally the senior US Senator of the same party as the President nominates someone for this position, Illinois doesn’t have one of those.  That means the senior House member in the district gets to nominate.  The district includes Peoria, Springfield, and Champaign because that is where the Federal Courts are located.   Those areas are represented by Rodney Davis and Darrin Lahood.   One or both had to ask Chief Heffner if he was interested.  Heffner then had to complete an extensive job application.

The Chief won’t be leaving soon because first he has to pass a FBI background check.  Unless he is somehow fast-tracked, those checks can take a year or more.  After that, the Senate has to approve him for the job.  Passage will depend on whether the Democrats feel like obstructing Trump appointments or not.

This is not a civil service job, but it does pay well.  One source told me the salary is probably between $140,000 and $150,000 a year.  It does come with federal benefits.

You can read more here:  http://www.imperialvalleynews.com/index.php/news/national-news/13618-president-donald-j-trump-announces-fifth-wave-of-united-states-marshal-nominees.html

I hope a requirement for the next Police Chief is:  Following the Constitution and the laws as written.  Chief Heffner did whether Tari liked it or not.






13 thoughts on “Heffner-the rest of the story

  1. Chief, as far as I can tell, is the most honest person with any power in this community. It will be a loss for the City of Bloomington.

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  2. What role do Tari and the Council play in hiring a replacement? Because I’m thinking Tari’s celebrating right now, thinking he can hire someone who’ll do his bidding.


  3. The police civilian screw, er…review board is likely drooling at a possible opening. You can bet that if the Chief decides to move forward with the Marshall position that these nut jobs will be applying undue influence on the selection process. He/she could be the key to a backdoor “welcoming ordinance”. Heaven help us!


    1. It doesn’t matter if Chief Hefner is a Trump supporter or not. He is a man of high integrity no matter what his beliefs are. He will be tough to replace!! Wishing him the best!!!

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  4. I really hope Chief Heffner remains in Bloomington. If he leaves, I can’t imagine who could fill his shoes. Heaven knows the Liberal Progressives will bring in someone willing to look the other way re: illegal aliens.


  5. I wish him well. This will be Bloomington’s loss. But for Heffner, I am sure it will be nice to be allowed to follow the law and not have to deal with that idiot sanctuary Tari and his band of fools who wish to aide and abet illegals.

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  6. I don’t blame him for taking this job. From a financial standpoint, he would have a state of IL pension, a City of Bloomington pension because he would have over five years to vest, and a nice 6-figure job where he could also earn a federal pension if he were to serve long enough. Even more so, he would have the backing of his executive leadership. That’s something he has none or very little of from the Mayor and some of the council.


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