Dan Brady

By:  Diane Benjamin

The next time you see Dan, ask him who he is supporting for governor.  I hear he won’t answer that question.

Maybe the reason is because the House GOP gave him $27,080 since February.  The Illinois GOP is backing the worst Republican Governor in the country according to National Review last December:  https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2017/12/18/bruce-rauner-illinois-worst-republican-governor-america/

Rauner has ZERO chance of winning in December because his base thinks voting for him is no different from voting for a Democrat.  Rauner has the record to prove it.

Maybe you should look at how much money Brady has before throwing more at him.  At the end of December he had $183,075.55.  He won’t need to file another quarterly report until March 31st – after the primary election.  (No accident – why do you think primaries for November are in March!)

See contributions and where Brady spent some of them here:    https://illinoissunshine.org/committees/friends-of-dan-brady-7645/

How many years should anyone serve?  Do you believe in term limits for Mike Madigan, but not this guy?  Dan has been in the House since 2001.

Brady has an opponent without anywhere near as much money, David Paul Blumenshine.

As of December 31st, Blumenshine hadn’t raised enough to be required to file.  I think that means $5000.

I can’t wait to see if term limits matter.  I’m betting the polls showing Americans want them is a lie.

If Brady wins you will know why Madigan keeps winning in his district.  Term limits are for other people’s candidates, not mine.






2 thoughts on “Dan Brady

  1. I no longer care who is the governor in this state, it is meaningless. Until we get rid of Mike Madigan and the democrats and rino (those who voted to over ride the tax increase veto) nothing will change. Under our current constitution even God could not stop Madigan.


  2. Brady supporting Rauner is about as surprising as Brady not being at the second amendment rally. Yes, it is way past time for new representation in that seat.

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