MCCA’s Tax return

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to yesterday’s story:

Want to know what Mid Central community Actions tax return looks like?

The latest one I have is 2016:

It gets better:

33% salaries and benefits in 2016.

At least it is better than PATH’s 75% salaries and benefits – see yesterday’s story.

The tax return as lots of other information, click the link above to see it.



4 thoughts on “MCCA’s Tax return

  1. Bloomington has become the land of government non-profits programs, boondoggle projects, high taxes and big government. Can’t imagine why there’s no economic growth here, just a larger the dependent class. Wonder if the new public housing will be ready in time for the residents to shop for $7 bread at Green Top Grocery before it goes belly up.

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    1. Maybe MCCA will get grants for the Green Top bread and they can distribute it…. or they can wait until it is one day past sale date and just toss it out behind the store for the peasants to have for free. Maybe they can have Green Top bread give-aways soon at the Washington Street bike dump and tool library – one loaf of bread free with every bike you come in an take off their hands – maybe some chipper little do-gooder could organize that and get her pic in the Pravadgraph – I have to find humor in this stuff or depression will set in.

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  2. And we’ll have FUND, FUND, FUND, till Tari takes the grant away! HOW in the heck does one get on this “gravy train” and how long can you ride it before it derails> MAYBE Paul Segobiano can answer that question-NO hard feelings there, right PAUL?


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