Grant handout Monday!

By:  Diane Benjamin

On the agenda for Monday night – Bloomington City Council:

PDF page 56

So, Federal Tax money is funneled down to the City to distribute.  Mid Central Community Action is getting a piece of it for Rental Assistance at Mayor’s Manor.

MCCA manages Mayors Manor.  Here’s where is gets fun:

“Mayors Manor was developed as a tax credit project and is owned by the Mayors Manor Limited Partnership. The Mayors Manor Corporation is the general partner, and MCCA currently performs the role of property manager for the partnership, and provides round the clock staff and supportive services to its residents.”

So far:

  1. The Feds give a grant to Bloomington
  2. Bloomington grants money to pay rent at Mayors Manor
  3. Since Mayors Manor is managed by MCCA, the money is really going to them
  4. From here is disappears since their records aren’t FOIA-able.

According to the Secretary of State’s website, Mayors Manor Corporation is a non-for-profit:

That should mean they file tax returns under the same status.  Deborah White is the Executive Director of MCCA too.

A search for their tax return did not produce any results however.  There are 51 agencies in Illinois with either Mayor or Manor in their name, none are in Bloomington or Normal and none match the name Mayors Manor anything.  Check for yourself:

There is another similar grant on the agenda:  (PDF page 61)

The real name isn’t PATH, it is Personal Assistance Telephone Help Inc.  I did find their tax return for 2016:


Anybody see a problem?

Note too that Bloomington took $3,117 for administering the grant.

Both grants are on the consent agenda, that means the Council likely won’t ask any questions.

How much tax money did Washington DC keep to administer handing out money across the country.  Exactly who is being helped, or is charity simply a jobs program that helps a few?





5 thoughts on “Grant handout Monday!

  1. So much funding for not-for-profits where there is no accountability. The City needs to defund all not-for -profits.
    The City is charging Administrative fees from the grant $$ just like the State is charging administrative fees to the City. The City cries “foul” to the State but practices the same thing.

  2. This is theft of taxpayer money, couched in secrecy and not-for-profits that are unaccountable. Set up to be legal theft. Unbelievable.

  3. Speaking of Mayor’s Manor – Does anyone besides me think they have targeted several other older houses on Washington, south side of street, for MORE “mayor’s manor” type housing? I have NOTHING against transitional and low cost housing for homeless/poor/disabled etc in fact I am all for it – if it is done right it is the true “hand up” as opposed to hand out – There’s just always been something about THAT endeavor that has set off my red flags.

  4. This is how they redistribute “wealth,” as well as provide obscenely high salaries to those who are not qualified to receive such a high salary.

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