BHS get National Publicity!

By: Diane Benjamin

BHS is now nationally famous for firing a conservative teacher AND handing out gun propaganda to students!  It was by accident I found  the document, what else is going on we don’t know about?  Anybody think indoctrination was a one time event?  Have the students ever heard the story behind the 2nd Amendment, or just gun control will keep them safe (it won’t)?

One email I received by FOIA supporting Mr. Tiritilli really got to me.  The student was worried about a friend who was considering suicide.  The student told Marc Tiritilli and he went out of his way to counsel the student and prevent a suicide.  The history of school shootings show the shooters are isolated and come from dysfunctional homes.  Marc connected with kids, one wrote in an email the students are horrified at his firing.  BHS told the kids their opinions are immaterial.  How many kids has BHS isolated?

Yesterday I was on NRATV.  Do the kids even know what the NRA is or just that they are blamed for every shooting?

We talked about propaganda and how BHS tried to hide the document.  We also talked about these kids who will never know the truth about the 2nd Amendment because BHS doesn’t teach it.

You can hear the interview here:


One thought on “BHS get National Publicity!

  1. Interesting. GLAD I’m OUT of BHS, as I sure would not want to listen to that propaganda! I feel sorry for the children they are trying to indoctrinate who have to “be still” and listen to this crap. So much for Freedom of Speech. And YES the principal SHOULD be fired for using OUR tax money for HIS PRIVATE AGENDA!

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