By:  Diane Benjamin

The next time you are present when Tari talks about his transparency award – please start laughing!

Bills and Payroll for Monday night are not posted.  Normally delaying them means they are hiding something.   (as of 10:30 Saturday morning)    http://www.cityblm.org/government/advanced-components/documents/-folder-1609

They know what they are paying because the total is on the agenda:

A little good news – Minutes are finally showing up!


The bad news is most of the minutes are missing! Under Motions and votes, these meetings are listed:


Every meeting listed should also have minutes!

One More:

If you missed the WGLT story on the City response to CIAM’s lawsuit for commissions, you need to read it.  Much more details is included:


I filed a lawsuit against CIAM for only one reason – to stop the City from renewing their contract.  Some of the allegations in this story are the same one I sued over – concessions and shorting taxpayers!

Of course the media hasn’t mentioned that, no surprise.


4 thoughts on “Miscellaneous:

  1. A couple quotes from the WGLT article:
    ” If true, that would mean the city was unknowingly paying a lawyer to negotiate against itself.” > It’s like when We The People are paying legal expense for the turds at the city to deny us our rights and civil liberties.
    ” But BMI “rented” the city-paid-for cleaning equipment to CIAM. Both companies were owned by Butler.” > It’s like when We The People pays for everything the “city” owns and then charges We The People to use it.
    Butler, the City,,,pot, kettle, black,,,someone show me the difference between the two.


  2. At what point do “We the People” involve Hales in this mismanagement??? It was his responsibility (which, if accused, will be blamed on someone else), to verify and check these records. The city council and the mayor are culpable too because everyone ignored the audit reports! Did they think the Coliseum would magically start making millions and then no one would notice?

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    1. Of course, they believe that government should centrally plan and manage our local economy. Funny, nearly every economic endeavour led by government turns into a money pit and colossal failure. Over/under on the failure of Green Top before the end of 2018?


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