1. BN Deserves Better says:

    Just think, with a transfer station in Downtown Bloomington, the City could go even deeper into debt. Connect Transit benefits those that get cushy jobs with no performance expectations (clearly, see financials above) and friends of big government.


  2. Connect Transit is MAYBE a NEEDED unit here, but ONLY if SMALLER busses and BETTER routes are implemented. WHAT they have now is TOTALLY unsustainable!
    And as for “management” PURGE that and we’ll save even more and have a BETTER transit system..


    • Of course we need a bus service. We also need a bus service that not only runs efficiently but a bus service that SERVES! Cutting routes to those people who need it most(poor, disabled & elderly) is NOT efficient!


  3. #pawsw/claws says:

    Total Local BloNo Subsidies
    2014: $ 928,820
    2015: $ 986,934
    2016: $1,205,110
    2017: $2,165,624
    2018: ???
    Connect Transit is classified as part of INFRASTRUCTURE. So, keep that in mind when someone mentions the 1% Sales tax increase–the 0.25% is earmarked for streets and infrastructure, Wonder why Mr. Karch is not allocated the $2.4M that is supposedly generated from the increase? A portion, decided by Council, is being diverted.


  4. How long is this moronic endeavor going to last you ask? As long as there is a moron willing to give away tax dollars to support Disconnect Transit!


  5. Watched a bus over by SF HQ this morning. One person got on; she was the only passenger. Figure out the cost to operate a bus even for 15 minutes with one passenger. Connect Transit can do whatever they want to inflate their numbers but imagine what could get done if expenses were trimmed there, starting with rarely-used routes and the car cash provided to the Director.

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