More from Bills and Payroll

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

How did Alderman Hauman travel to One Voice in Washington DC for half the cost of Renner?

Is your full service City planning to throw parties?  Note it’s an Admin expense.

The Springfield Lawyers are running out of budgeted funds, only $33,175 is left for April.  (see PDF page 98 – contracted legal)  The total budget was over $900,000 this year:

This is a travesty:

The City could avoid these penalties by merely changing WHEN employees are paid for accumulated comp hours.  They do not have to allow them to spike pensions and receive more for LIFE than they are entitled to.
The total paid in penalties is now around $2,000,000.

I FOIA’d IMRF for an updated list.








  1. @tweetiebird says:

    Jeff Jurgens has to sit through 5 hour long Council meetings several times per month to make sure there are no OMA violations and to make sure Robert’s Rules of Order are followed.


  2. Regarding pension spiking, based on previous pay outs (excluding Emily Bell’s), going forward the total accelerated payments could cost at least $5M—that is on the low side based on $20K payment per employee.

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  3. BN Deserves Better says:

    Amazon, eh? Buy local is what I often hear around town. Hahaha! I’m sure that wine cooler will really go a long way toward “community relations”. By the way, doesn’t that shopping list read like the items in a Showcase Showdown from the Price is Right?


  4. looks like someone got some pretty little gadgets at taxpayers expense! If I ordered all the stuff from my business credit card I’d be in the pokey!


  5. BN Deserves Better says:

    Just think…if it were sold, it wouldn’t cost us a nickel in tax dollars. I love the people that claim the arena is an “asset” to the community. I think its a liability!


  6. Sold to who? Businesses know they have to be built by government because they aren’t an investment worth making.


  7. BN Deserves Better says:

    True. Heck, I’d take $5 for it at this point. If a business sells a service that loses money, they either stop selling that service or go out of business altogether. With the government, its the opposite. If it loses money on a service, they throw more money at it…thus, rewarding insanity. Wonder if there’s a Green Top Grocery bailout in the works? Perhaps, it will be rolled into government like the failed DBA.



  1. […] Grossinger Motors Arena continues to bleed taxpayers.   $290,875.00 was approved last night to keep the floor from self destruction because warm water pipes are failing.  Keep in mind you still need to pay for an elevator on the outside of the building to make it ADA compliant.  Meanwhile, the losses continue as well as the prosecution of the former managers and defense of a civil suit filed by those managers against the City.  I wonder how the City will defend themselves with only $35,000 left in the 2018 budget for legal? […]


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