What they didn’t want you to see:

By:  Diane Benjamin

I haven’t looked at the entire Bills and Payroll yet – it just got posted late this afternoon.

See the very last page:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=17440

They threw away $135,015 on spiked pensions:



The City of Bloomington government exists only to scam YOU.










  1. Oh, but HR is working on it—not. What ever happened to that transparency law where the names of the retirees who received the accelerated payments were to be presented to Council? Emily Bell received $300,000 but $114,000 is almost half of that and very significant. The Staff was scraping the bottom of the barrel to find $120,000 to balance the budget. Fees were raised by $2.5M. Had the Bills & Payroll been available by Friday, this could have been brought up at the Mayor’s open house.


  2. “The City of Bloomington government exists only to scam YOU.”….reward their cronies and advance a Marxist agenda.


  3. Truly SAD that they have the PRAVDAGRAPH in their pocket and this don’t get out to ALL the folks in town! There WOULD be a Railroad party! IF the republicans did anything CLOSE to this the libtards would be SCREAMING and having the kids skip classes to protest it!


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