Downtown: Your thoughts?

When does the first person trip and sue?

If the City doesn’t want to pay for stop lights, why aren’t they out-doing Normal with TWO roundabouts?


Did a planter used to be in front of Rosie’s too?

I heard one was there briefly!  Can anyone confirm?



26 thoughts on “Downtown: Your thoughts?

  1. At first I thought this was a crazy idea taking out the stoplights, but if you visit the two intersections that they are not replacing the light at, it does make sense. Both streets dead end at Front and a stop sign is all that is needed for Center and Front and nothing needed at Main and Front. Pedestrians will just have to watch out for traffic on their own without government’s “help.”


      1. Main becomes East St at the light on Olive. Main street then starts at Front (so West of East St.). Main ends at Front street. Look at Google maps.


      2. There will still be a light at Front and East where the cars do come zooming around the parking garage just east of the Law & Justice Center.


      1. Whew! What a relief!!! That said don’t give them any encouragement Diane. Geez Lou-wheez when I first read that my eyeballs almost popped out of my head!


  2. Bloomington (led by a concern of Joni Painter) wants to “save” $15K-$20K to NOT replace the electrical conduit for the traffic lights. Instead, bump-outs are being considered along with stop signs. Apparently, this relates to the Comprehensive Plan. My questions are, what is the cost difference between the two options and how would this change affect their future redevelopment of downtown? It would be a shame to have to dig up that intersection in 2-3 years to “add” traffic lights.
    The “raised” planters are for Downtown green space. I have never seen curbs around trees on an urban sidewalk. It is an accident waiting to happen and narrows the pedestrian pathway.
    What are these “planners” thinking?


      1. Pictures of sidewalk design–not one has raised beds for plantings unless the concrete planter is tall enough to stop a car. There are also photos of “bump-outs” at cross-walks. No one even has to be able to read…just point at the photo to make a choice…lol.,g_1:city+sidewalk&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjvwbjlxpfbAhUoh1QKHaqjDgIQ4lYIJigA&biw=1132&bih=939&dpr=1#imgrc=uYVjXmXA4FVeTM:


  3. Diane – The picture makes me wonder how the Mayor will make it to Rosie’s to hold court with the Downtown crybabies? Will he be taking Connect Transit? There’s a stop one block behind the photographer.

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  4. I am confused is my quality of life being compromised in Bloomington or should I be excited? The adorable seals are leaving our zoo and are being replaced by alligators. Are our pink flamingos at risk of becoming alligator food? Oh well at least the tax payers were not asked to spend thousands of dollars for a bigger home for the seals, but will alligators need more space than seals? I guess I will just wait and read the new brochures announcing the arrival of the alligators. Does anyone have any chickens you need to get rid of?

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    1. Rich—will you enlighten us with your insights about the proposed intersection changes? The Public Works Department is looking for feedback from informed citizens.


  5. Judging from a reply you made to another comment, you seem like you’re confused about the precise two intersections that the city is considering changing. Main and Center dead end at Front, where the Connect Transit buses wait for transfers. Replacing the stoplights with stop signs would be good and cost less money.

    Again, why not post a map, rather than misleading people?


  6. Taris NEW downtown CANNABIS farm! Now THAT’S progressive… Maybe it’ll make them BETTER thinkers. Sure as heck can’t be anymore inept then they are now…


  7. Diane, 2 planters were installed. Yesterday they removed the one closest to Rosie’s. 

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