ISU – All Gender Bathrooms

By:  Diane Benjamin

In the interest of diversity and inclusion, more than 20 all gender bathrooms have been added to campus.  Are showers included?


Just who are they trying to include?

Do you want your daughter walking in a restroom with a bunch of guys?  Why do they need more than 20?

Next is a multicultural center, but you have to read down the story pretty far to see what it really is:

This new center won’t be a place to bring people of all races together, it will be a place to divide them.

Goals from the first link:

How do ALL gender bathrooms protect the status of women?

When these kids enter the workforce, will employers create an affirming space just for them?

If a college student of color hasn’t learned that color is immaterial after being alive for 18 or more years, ISU is  going to give them a safe space.   ISU could be teaching how to succeed regardless of color by offering additional studies of people who have.

ISU doesn’t do that, instead they offer:

The job prospects should be glorious with these credentials!

Don’t forget, your tax dollars are buying this nonsense.









45 thoughts on “ISU – All Gender Bathrooms

  1. Abject stupidity from the ivory tower! Remember when they were called institutions of higher learning? What a joke!

    1. ISU has NEVER been an institution for higher learning. I see ISU as a taxpayer funded beer/party hall and a place where the idiots go to get a degree in basket weaving .

  2. Also,what a bunch of morons. You are either a boy or a girl. Social work and psychology are further weakening the fabric of the country! My opinion as a licensed social worker. We are damaging our next generation!!!

  3. The reality of the real world is going to hurt young people when it hits them in the face. Outside of the campus cocoon, life is much different.

    1. This is one of the reasons “higher” education is doomed…. what does any of this have to do with job skills or the preparation of young people to enter the job market? These people have lost their minds…. It is my hope that many of these idiots in the future will be trying to use their skill sets to find new employment once the decline of higher education goes into full swing… (look at what is happening at SIU right now… they are fighting each other for funding scraps!) ISU is not far away from the same reality.

  4. Next time some government/educational type is whining about not having enough money for colleges, shove this “multicultural center” crap right back at them. Isn’t every single building on campus “multicultural” by state and federal law? WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!

  5. What ISU is doing is not equality or inclusion…it reminds me of a narcissist buying gifts and saying what a future victim wants to hear so the victim become dependent on the narcissist…then the abuse begins and the codependency kicks in. It’s truly despicable.

    1. Call me old fashioned but all of this Gender crap is just that… crap. No you are not a woman in a man’s body… you are a man with mental problems…. Why is this so hard to understand? And why should normal women have to share a bathroom with a man with mental problems who thinks he is a woman? And then we accommodate these men and women with mental problems by making bathrooms that are especially designed to make them feel comfortable? What is next? Bipolar bathrooms? How about special bathrooms for convicted sex offenders and pedophiles? I could support something like that!

    1. Empathy for who? Victims of something leftists told them they are victims of? Victims are self made. Obviously you were never taught people CHOOSE to be victims instead of rising above whatever wants them to be victims.

      1. Diane speaks far more truth here than you will ever get in a 300 dollars per person weekend seminar on the subject (complete with box lunch!!) which will be presented to you by a couple of soy-boys arrogantly pretending to have risen above their Beta status by surrounding themselves with other betas who are even lower on the food chain.

    2. Let us know what your rebuttal is since you just called everyone in this comment thread ignorant and lacking in empathy… We call what you just did Gaslighting… here is the definition again for everyone so we can see what the popular thing is for the establishment to do: Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, it attempts to destabilize the target and delegitimize the target’s belief. Now Rich… what is your actual argument? Come on… no gaslighting…just a reasoned point of view will do. We are all waiting for you….

        1. Well there is always hope…. it is my belief that if you say something or write something you should be able to defend and be prepared to defend it…. or just shut up and go away. Are you listening Rich?

  6. Yes, I agree! One is either male or female. Period. And, of course, MSM will not report the sexual assaults by men, who think that they are women, but whose only objective is to get into a woman’s restroom and abuse!! Females in Target restrooms have been subjected to voyeurism, indecent exposure, etc but Target will not admit it!
    Now Walgreens has gender neutral restrooms, too! What company is next??

  7. The majority of these restrooms are single-occupant facilities, just with updated signage. A handful of them are multi-stall facilities with no urinals, and I believe they’ve been refit with doors that go all the way to the floor. What’s your objection to a mixed-gender restroom, with zero sight lines?

    There are still “normal” restrooms in every building on campus. This seems like an odd thing to complain about.

    Why didn’t you look up more information (showing what I just said), rather than imagining a scenario where women are walking into a restroom full of, as you put it, men?

  8. Just practically speaking go into any mens public restroom across the coutry. What women would want to use them? They are for the most part pretty disgusting regadless of how well the janitorial staff services them.

  9. If it is All Gender, then truly it is No Gender. Why not call it that and try to make nothing matter.

    Its easy folks. Two choices, check below the belt. Male or female. Boy or girl. Everything else is this world gone mad making something out of what was never intended by our Maker.

    Your choice in who or what you love is not gender. And feeling like something else is not being something else.

  10. Having been blessed with a long life, I have been in what must have been hundreds of men’s bathrooms. #1 There have been a fairly large percentage that I wanted to swing in on a rope…and then swing back out without touching anything. #2 I would never want my daughter, my wife, my sister or any other female that I know to have to be subjected to using men’s bathrooms. #3 The people who think this is good idea have never had to use very many public bathrooms or they are insane. I am still waiting Rich for your argument?

    1. No one is being made to use these restrooms. All buildings still have male and female restrooms, and a few have these new all gender bathrooms, which already existed as single occupant facilities. Many, many businesses have unisex bathrooms that only have a toilet and a sink in them and that’s what most of these are. Many other places also have “Family Restrooms” or other single-toilet facilities for people who need help, or for people who just don’t want to pee in public in the first place.

      We’re never going to agree on the issue of gender, but why focus so heavily on where other people are relieving themselves?

      1. Create them? All they did was change some signs… There’s a few in my building, only sign changes, nothing more. Oh, and I’ve never seen any one but actual males go in the men’s bathroom, even though it says trans-gendered. Seems like an awful big fuss to appease such a tiny minority.

      2. New bathrooms weren’t built. Signs were changed. At the most, stalls were adapted in the few restrooms that aren’t single-user. ISU only gets 15.2% percent of its budget from “you,” so the money argument doesn’t really work, anyway.

        Let’s take this to its natural conclusion, from what I’ve read of your writings about the university. You want, a.) for the state to spend much less money on pretty much everything, but the public university system in general, but also b.) to have a say in how the university functions. You can’t have it both ways. This exhausting argument that diversity somehow hurts the majority is absurd.

        As a journalist, you have a responsibility to try to find the facts of a situation, but all you’re doing is linking to the Pantagraph and complaining. Did you do a FOIA request to see how these bathrooms were funded? Did you ask anyone at all involved in the process? No, you turn this into a conversation about how the liberal elites are out to… to what, exactly? Are you complaining about the money (which you don’t know how much was spent)? Are you complaining about the shift in morals (when restrooms like this have existed in the commercial world everywhere there’s only one bathroom)?

        It’s very difficult to follow which particular problem you actually have with this.

        They’re not just for trans folks, they’re for anyone who prefers more privacy, for whatever reason.

      3. For god’s sake have you ever been in a place where there are real public restrooms and no alternatives? Like in a factory or at a concert? Obviously not. I will spare you the details… but I don’t want any woman I know in those places because they are gross and nasty. Once again if you have a gender issue I don’t care. I personally think if you can’t decide whether you are a man or a woman you have a mental problem. I do object to mandated and taxpayer paid bathroom accommodations for the mentally ill transgenders. So you are a 45 year old man who wants to be a woman… you take hormones to grow breasts and start dressing like a woman…. what is even remotely normal about this? And you want me to pay for a bathroom for this 45 year old man who thinks he might be a woman? Save me from the people like you who would save me from myself.

  11. I’m VERY weary of the terms used about recruit and RETAIN DIVERSE students. What exactly is diverse? Are these folks opposed to cutting down Sequoia trees or saving gay baby seals or are they all about making everyone eat vegetarian food since killing a cow or pig is heinous? Are they anti Methodist?
    I bet this is REALLY GOOD stuff to write down on your application when applying at LIGO!

    1. And people and businesses are fleeing the state in record numbers while the politically correct liberal elite crazies welcome illegals, lobby for more bike paths and insist on bathrooms for mentally ill transgenders?

      1. And then they’ll have all of those electoral votes. IL, CA, NY, etc. Get all the big ones and rule the world ! ! ! This isn’t coincidence. Destroying the middle class by promising the lower class they’ll become middle class achieving the American Dream, jokes on them and the USA is screwed as the crooks take all.

  12. I GOT the facts. Just trying to take a “humorous” slant on this inanely stupid ideal and the fact that tax money is being spent in this fashion. And as you state this will divide folks to the point where it make the African rift look like a sidewalk crack!

  13. Why are they building 20 new bathrooms? If you watch ISU students they are more than happy to pee where the stand, whether its in a yard on the street or in the fountain they just shoot! Talk about needing gun control? ISU students need to go back to toilet training 101!

  14. @ Crimson,,,considering your comment about getting the facts straight, ” ISU only gets 15.2% percent of its budget from “you,” so the money argument doesn’t really work, anyway.” Well that 15.2% is a lot of money as you try to make it sound trivial. Nice try. Now if you’re so in to who pays for what,,,at what percentage do students from IL pay? Those kids are our kids! So yeah, we’re paying a hel-la-va lot of money for this farce. Get your facts straight Crimson, you’ve got even more responsibility when you’re calling someone out. So yeah, the money arguement does work.

    1. And the 15.2% is Waayy low. That’s the portion of funds that is directly allocated from the State of Illinois. 44.5% is ‘income’, mostly tuition, which is mostly tax money via financial aid. 20.5% is ‘bond revenue operations’, aka dorm fees, which in turn are largely funded via financial aid and tax money. 6.3% is grants and contracts; I’m sure a good portion of that is also tax money. 13.5% is ‘other’, most of which is student fees, much of which is again financial aid and thus tax money.
      Best guess is 40% of ‘non-tax’ funds actually Are tax funds, but being conservative and saying 33% instead, 45% of ISU spending is ‘our money’ – it’s probably much more than that.

  15. This may be more information than you need to know, type reply. I go to lots and lots of auctions and a lot of them are on site type auctions. The auction company most often has Port-a-potty’s set up to take care of restroom facility’s. I attended one of these auctions and need to use the facility. I had to wait in line and was behind a lady of middle age. When she came out, I went into it and found the most disgusting situation I have ever seen in a restroom. She evidently was a hoverer, and total sprayed all the flat surfaces in doing so. I don’t mean sprinkle, I mean flooded any flat surface including the floor. I later ran into the person that was in there before this lady went in and she said it was in good shape when she left it. I try and not use any combined female’s and males facility at all.

  16. @ Crimson,,,another of your comments,,,”You can’t have it both ways. This exhausting argument that diversity somehow hurts the majority is absurd.” Crimson you’re on the path of one of those social equality warriors and ranting about diversity at the same time. Which is it? Remember what you said about “you can’t have it both ways.”

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