PRIVATE sports complex proposed

By:  Diane Benjamin

When the consultants report is presented for a new sports complex here, it will be a glowing report of tax dollars and visitors flocking here with their kids.  It won’t mention the PRIVATE Pony League Fields that were built with no tax dollars but are thriving anyway.

I wonder if the consultants will be aware of a permit just issued for a PRIVATE sports complex in Princeton.  The City Council approved a zoning change last Monday.  Below is a sketch of the proposed site:

The sports complex idea was brought to the Princeton City Council by Nathan and Lindsey Koning.  The couple has private investors wanting to build the complex that could include up to four synthetic turf fields for softball, baseball, soccer and lacrosse games.

See this link for more information:

So you don’t forget, the local soccer supporters started begging government in 2013 to build a new complex for them.  No serious effort was ever made to build a private complex.  

If a couple from the Princeton area (population 7,599) can bring investors together for a sports complex, why can’t anybody here?

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5 thoughts on “PRIVATE sports complex proposed

  1. Remeber folks, the same government “leaders” tasked with stewardship of such failures as the Colesium, Green Top Grocery, BCPA, Downtown Business revitalization, (Dis)Connect Transit, and bike paths will be running this sports complex. Will Tari blame the consultants when, not if, this fails? They’ve already started the blame game for GreenTop with the consultant’s sales projections, as documented by Diane.

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  2. I hear that on the opening ceremony that E.T. is flying in with Elvis and Jimi Hendrix aboard to do a live show too!
    These folks must NOT drive the streets or they would FIX them rather then worry about sports complexes, roundabouts, side walk cafes, and other such highly important stuff..


  3. Ford county (2010 population 14,081, per capita income $23,401) managed to build and run their own completely privately funded soccer fields. No kid is turned away because they can’t pay. Surely McLean county (2010 population 169,572, per capita income $28,167) can manage to build their own fields without government money.

    Also, are Champion Fields publically funded?


  4. WHY do WE have to pay for soccer moms and kids??? That’s the REAL issue…
    IF it’s SUCH a great ideal then let the private sector buy a place and PAY for it on their OWN dollar.
    Whatever happened to capitalism or even “venture capitalists”?
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for children being able to play soccer, rugby, football, basketball, baseball, etc, But let’s NOT forget that ALL these ventures NEED to be self supporting, and IF there is ENOUGH interest then there will be capital investment !!
    Kind of IRONIC that in Dubai they have an INDOOR skiing complex, which is most LIKELY paid for by the ALMIGHTY dollar!
    Once again, MONEY talks, and Bovine walks!


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