Bloomington 2019 budget – Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

PDF page 360:

It’s really fun to have weeks when neither City Council is meeting.  I finally have a chance to look at other things and neither is presenting schemes to separate you from your money!

The below is from the Bloomington 2019 budget.   It is the history of how much of your money has gone into Connect Transit:

2019 will be a record year!

This chart is included on PDF page 361. Instead of calling it a lie, how about very misleading!

Connect Transit will never have 2,650,000 passengers.  What the chart should say is BOARDINGS.  Connect has admitted they have no idea how many passengers they have, they only count boardings.

So, it a person rides 5 days a week but has to switch buses, they are counted as 4 per day or 20 in 5 days.  (2 buses on the way somewhere and 2 back)

You see the empty buses.  For June Connect reported 17.25 passengers per hour – probably boardings.  That is for 40+ buses.  Connect Mobility has slightly less than 3 per hour – 17 buses!?!  PDF page 8

Do you believe those huge numbers?

One more – PDF page 361:

Who is selling fresh food on the Community Bus?  Greentop?

Who is doing FREE medical screening?

WHO is registering voters and holding engagement sessions?

I bet I know the answer to the last one, the question is why are you paying for community organizing?









12 thoughts on “Bloomington 2019 budget – Connect Transit

  1. How do I get the food bus to stop by and see me? And what does engagement mean exactly? Not interested in marriage at this point…. so??? And lastly… can they fill the bus with clowns so I can say, “There are sure a lot of Bozos on this bus”.


  2. Funny. This article is directly related to the previous one about MCRPC. Their newsletter talks about their role in transportation planning which includes CT (and bicycle lanes.)
    Everyone should take the time to read the 8-page newsletter.

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  3. Connect transit, is actually the COMPLETE opposite! Want to go west? we’ll head east then north and we’ll get ya there no matter how LONG it takes. I have a friend who can actually WALK to my house (45 minutes) quicker then all the bus transfers and waiting takes.
    HIS time is valuable too!


  4. So, how much do any of us pay in taxes to support this service? Any idea? Three cents or 30 dollars a year out of pocket? How much? Zero in property taxes, but I’m really curious. Can BLN News answer this? But it seems to me you’re complaining without knowing what this public service actually costs YOU.


    1. @Serving Him–Each B/N citizen pays $1,7K/year in federal, state and local tax dollars to support CT.
      Any more questions?


  5. Then we should shut down the b-n airport, stop paying for fire departments, stop mowing parks, really cut back on Airforce One trips to Mar-a-Lago. Kill pork-defense spending. Oh…and then there are the tax cuts for the rich. That’s done wonders for the deficit.


    1. I got a tax cut and I’m not rich. I guess you haven’t noticed the booming economy because people have more money in their pocket. Maybe it’s because Illinois isn’t booming under the wackos in Springfield. Make constructive suggestions or you will be banned. I don’t have time for people who only want to toss arrows without knowing how to aim.


    2. Sorry Serving Him but this is Gaslighting that you are doing….Who said anything about not funding essential services? And what does your Trump Derangement Syndrome have to do with this subject? What does the fuel for Air Force One have to do with dozens of empty buses pounding our already bad streets into worse streets. And if you examine past conversations on this topic here you will find that no one here is talking about not providing transportation for the very poor and and the handicapped in this town. We are talking about doing it in a more efficient way. What we do now is a gigantic waste of taxpayer money that could be used in some other way. I believe that you are actually Serving the dying Democratic party… and their liberal socialist agenda.

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