Pantagraph fails again

By:  Diane Benjamin

John Butler wants his trial moved out of McLean County because of remarks made by David Hales and Tari Renner.  I was also mentioned as a reason because my lawsuit made him look guilty!  Yes it did!   Since MANY readers are new, this story recaps the information I was able to obtain:

This story is the only proof so far that John Butler may not have accurately reported concession sales.

The Pantagraph story didn’t mention I am in the court filing:

The WJBC story does:

David Hales referred to John Butler as Bernie Madoff.

Tari Renner compared working with CIAM (John Butler) to working with a Soviet Gulag.

Both comments are ridiculous and only made to deflect blame from themselves!  Where is the Editorial Pantagraph?

Renner and Hales refused to protect taxpayer dollars.  Neither has been held accountable by the local media.

Taxpayers own Grossinger Motors Arena.  Obviously the taxpayers were fleeced by the elected Tari Renner and the highly paid David Hales.  Both had to be living underground to not know what was happening.  Neither did their job.  The Council also failed when they ignored warning after warning after warning.  This is more proof that government does not exist for citizens.  If the Pantagraph was real media, both would have been crucified by now in numerous editorials.

On another note:

The Lake County Board Chairman is being investigated by the County State’s Attorney for illegal credit card use.  The story is in the Chicago Tribune:

The McLean County State’s Attorney, Jason Chambers, refused to investigate Bloomington Mayor Tari Renner.  He pawned responsibility off on the Appellate Court Prosecutor.  The case is still sitting in their office a year later.  Meanwhile, Chambers will soon be a judge.








10 thoughts on “Pantagraph fails again

  1. Well, IF Butler was Bernie Madoff, then WHAT the heck does that makes Hales AND Renner. They were negligent AND incompetent, in their duty to BOTH the taxpayers and in their OWN jobs..
    Maybe they shouldn’t be throwing chairs overboard as they might need them in the future.

  2. Tryanny is established when the “rulers” exempt themselves from the rule of law and therefore free themselves to do whatever the heck they want to do without any repercussions.

  3. So, if I’ve got this straight, Hales equates Butler and the CIAM gang to Madoff, arguably one of the most notorious fraudsters in U.S. history, yet never shared his suspicions with law enforcement? Talk about your willful blindness. This proves Hales was at least aware of potential wrongdoing and did nothing about it. Funny how the Pantagraph forgot to mention that Hales never acted on his suspicions. The Slantagraph is a waste of time. I’d say we’re better off bugging the Joilet local media to pick up this story and publish more details about Crazy Davy Hales. They figured out his an empty suit within mere months.

  4. It looks like this could gain speed as Klein may turn into a witness where charges are dropped and she is given immunity for any crimes committed as part of this theft.

  5. Why hasn’t the investigation of Tari’s (ab)use of his P-card been completed? For God’s sake – they just recently completed the investigation of the worst mass shooting in US history (Vegas shooting at the outdoor concert) and that happened well after the investigation started of Temper Tantrum Tari and his P-card!!!

  6. Hopefully Tiny Taxin Tari’s next time out will be in jail! That is one tax I would be happy to pay as it would benefit all citizens.

  7. Diane, in all actuality, I believe you are the free press. You are reporting and doing the work that a couple million dollar companies cannot seem to do. The problem I see is that what you are doing isn’t really free. Speaking the truth is hard, grueling work. You are abused, gaslighted, and stolen from in a pretty regular basis. You make a big difference in the minds and hearts of the citizens. God will undoubtedly bless you for this work.

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