Time to protest your assessment!

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t receive your new assessment in the mail today, you probably will tomorrow.  Property values are dropping all over the County.  If your house will never sell for the Fair Cash Value reflected, you must protest now.

Time is very limited!  You can look up what properties like yours have sold for here:   http://mcleanil.devnetwedge.com/

This information is from a reader:

 FYI & Readers, August 10, 2018 property assessments will be printed in the Pantagraph and letters mailed.  Even if a homeowner doesn’t receive the letter, the information published in the paper is verification to new assessments.  The deadline to file a complaint regarding assessed value is September 10, 2018!


Every homeowner in McLean County should look at the assessed value letter to determine if they should appeal the value!!!!!!!
Homes aren’t selling in 2018 for what homeowners paid for them in 2004!
Link showing deadline!




  1. Meidaghpst says:

    I agree….it would be a great time to start a business like Madigan challenging assessments like he did for his bed bug buddy JB Prickster. Problem is….the scum like taxing Tari, District 5 school board etc…..will just raise their assessment amounts to offset. Only way to fix maybe, get rid of home rule and take back the government to the people. Remove it from overpaid $200,000 a year superintendents who can’t handle basic spreadsheet accounting to get a balanced budget. .


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