Another reason to end BEC

By:  Diane Benjamin

I find it hilarious that Democrat Tari Renner threw and continues to be upset that his petitions were challenged.  Tari thinks he should not have been challenged, even though 204 signatures were found to be fraudulent.

Meanwhile another Democrat, Board Chair of the Bloomington Election Commission, is challenging the petitions for a referendum to abolish BEC.

The lesson must be don’t challenge Democrats! 

The challenge by the BEC board chair to the petitions is the only evidence needed to see that creating a non-partisan County Commission is a myth.  The Bloomington Election Commission is supposedly non-partisan.  Denise Williams destroyed her own case by declaring herself a Democrat.  The Board is only three people, so either two will be Democrats or two will be Republicans.  The minutes of their March meeting note a new commissioner – Republican.

This is what the so-called non-partisan commission the Democrats want looks like.  It’s still partisan!

When Tari Renner’s petitions were challenged, BEC did not comply with the Open Meetings Act.  They obviously had no clue what they were doing.   In case you forgot, the Edgar County Watchdogs showed up and shut down the meeting because it wasn’t legal.  The Board lawyer threw a fit, the sheriff was called, and the entire Board plus lawyer retreated to a private room.

You can see all the details and video in this story from December 6, 2016:

I filed a Request for Review of that private meeting.  The Attorney General had both videos.  Does anybody believe after watching those videos that the Board wasn’t in that private room talking about the kerfuffle?

The Attorney General asked them to explain their “private meeting”.  This was their response:

Of course the Democrat Attorney General’s office fell for it.

See the entire response here:  45469 fwd let


  1.  BEC failed to comply with the Open Meetings Act
  2.  BEC isn’t a non-partisan organization
  3.  BEC contrived an explanation for their closed door meeting.  Discussing a retirement party didn’t require a closed door meeting.  The BEC staff wasn’t included, but the BEC lawyer was.  Did he get paid to attend the party since he was in on the discussion?

The referendum to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission needs to be on the November ballot.  Illinois has way too many units of government, the citizens deserve the chance to get rid of one of them.

Democrats are not telling citizens the truth about creating a non-partisan County Election Commission. Nothing in politics and voting is non-partisan.  Their model, the Bloomington Election Commission, obviously isn’t.

Would somebody tell Tari Renner that the County Clerk doesn’t count votes?  Election judges do.  Election judges consist of equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans.  It already is as non-partisan as possible.











7 thoughts on “Another reason to end BEC

      1. In my experience, if you’re going up against entrenched corruption, ‘many more’ means at least triple what is required. They’ll still make you go through the trouble and expense of a challenge and making sure the ‘verifiers’ aren’t defacing the signatures as they go, but even after they use every excuse in the book to throw sigs out, you should have enough. (Unless they make up New excuses…)

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  1. Tell Tari the County Clerk DOES NOT COUNT VOTES-well, ya can’t fix stupid!!
    Obviously he was NEVER an election judge.. Just ANOTHER failure on HIS part of “civic duty” Of which he has MANY!
    Koos AND Tari should move to Berkely, they would do JUST FINE there!!!

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  2. One thing you forgot, when it came time to file the complaint, I spoke to the Director and asked him for the proper format to submit the filing. He said there was none, and he further said that I could file it in the format that I gave him. I did just that, and when I personally filed it at his office, his staff refused to accept ,the document because it was not in the proper format. I again asked for a copy, and they said they did not have copy to hand out, nor any instructions as to how to do it.. With just a few hrs to the deadline, I went to a local Attorney, and he made it presentable. It was very obvious they didn’t have a clue about procedure or the OMA.

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