Guest Editorial: Matt Sorensen

Today the Pantagraph embarrassed itself again with an article welcoming Matt Sorensen back from prison:

How many other felons have they welcomed back?  Is the Pantagraph going to endorse him for office again too?  Is this “welcome back” because Matt was the consummate insider who complied with the establishment line, except for a tiny detour to steal from State Farm?

The story claims Matt was the driving force behind mental health in the County.  He is also responsible for all of us paying 1% more in sales tax.   He wanted 1/4% from both Bloomington and Normal, both Council wanted another 3/4% for themselves, so the increase was 1% thanks to Matt.  All that money has provided jobs for the local union members, thus buying more votes.  Some of it has been diverted for treatment – all to unaccountable agencies.  Buying more votes?

Convicted felons are not eligible under the Illinois Constitution to hold any elected office created by the Constitution:

Article XIII Section 1

Maybe the Pantagraph will recommend the next governor expunge his conviction?  Will they be writing glowing reports of how the County needs Sorensen back?

The County needs him back about as much as they needed the Sorensen pushed East Side Bypass.












5 thoughts on “Guest Editorial: Matt Sorensen

  1. As a former member of the McLean County Board I can personally attest I was told to “wave off” when I was wanting to investigate the time card inconsistencies in the Clerk’s office under Peggy Ann. Well, lo, and behold, evidently that issue later “came home to roost” after all.


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