Update: If you are in a traffic accident . . .

After two days of headaches, I went to the doc today.   Concussion!  I will be slowing down some for awhile.


By:  Diane Benjamin

On Wednesday I got rear ended, it wasn’t a tap to the bumper!  I’m taking some time off to rest.

Since it has been many years since I’ve been in an accident, I believed the police officer when he handed me a card with a website and claimed as soon as he hit enter the police report would be there.

Wrong!  It takes three days.  Luckily I had enough information about the girl who hit me for my insurance company to track her down.  We both had the same company.

Even though the officer claimed we didn’t need to exchange information – EXCHANGE INFORMATION!  You could be waiting three days to start a claim if you don’t.  I heard there could be a charge for getting the report too.  I haven’t tried that and probably won’t.

Consider this a public service announcement.

30 thoughts on “Update: If you are in a traffic accident . . .

  1. Just FOIA it. The Normal officers always tell me after an incident on my properties, I can get a copy of the police report in a day or two at the police station, NOT! I always have to FOIA IT and usually receive it via email a couple of days later.

  2. You wanted to talk with me after I assured you we were going to catch the Trump Terrorist and we did. The “MAGA Bomber” was an avid Trump supporter that attended his Inauguration and Multiple Rallies.

    Never in the History of the USA have we had an attempt of a Mass Assassination of 2 former Presidents and 12 other Prominent politicians and citizens.

    When you feel better I would enjoy picking up where you left off yesterday.

    1. He was a multi time felon nut sure case. I’ve seen conflicting reports about how he votes, which he can’t legally do in Florida. He threatened people with bombs way back in 2002. I love how the GOP didn’t blame Bernie when one of his supporters tried to kill the GOP baseball team, but if course it’s all trumps fault. The red wave will be his fault too.

      1. Bernie did not have a hit list like Don, nor did he speak Il of the baseball team. Also , I do not recall Bernie promising to pick up the Legal fees of a supporter if they attacked an anti berni person. How about praising the (Convicted) Congressman that attacked the Reporter and the Body Slam that Don LOVED and applauded. The list goes on and on daily of Dons angry mob rallies.

        Good try, but you did bump your head so we will forgive you on this one.

        P.S. “Conflicting Reports” how he Votes……where are those links….?

      2. “the red wave will be his fault too”…(head bump) …..fault or credit? Perhaps you meant the Blue wave would be he fault and that answer id YES. No President has had 60 Political Rallies in 90 days before a mid term election….so, if the GOP looses anything, you can only say Don tried his best.

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      1. Fortunately our Homeland Security and FBI have determined the Trump Rallies are a “Potential Breading Ground for Domestic Terrorist” and they will be monitoring all Rallies. Be sure to smile next time, because you are on canid camera !!!

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  3. They do charge and it is another example of our failing government. We pay sky high taxes and when we get in an accident we get charged for getting a simple police report. It burns me as much as being expected to pay tolls.

  4. I was in an accident just last month. I was given a piece of paper for BUYCrash. It took about 3 days to get my report. Using that website to get my report was $13

  5. Been there done that Diane! In 2014 I was rear ended and still dealing with insurance company and the injury! Good luck getting anything back from their insurance! I will not mention the name of the company I’m fighting but they were right to change their slogan “like a good neighbor” , after all this time they are still making my life hell! Hope you feel better soon!

    1. You really said that? You said it was good that Diane was in an accident and she deserved it for “peddling fake news?” You need to be blocked for that. This is wishing harm on Diane… I bet you want the president taken out too? Could you follow your slime trail back to whatever rock you live under?

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