Democrats spamming voters

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you requested a ballot by mail, you are on a list that by law is laying on the counter at the County Clerk’s office.  I asked BEC what they do and got this response:

The local Democrat Party is using that information to spam voters!  Even though phone numbers are NOT on that list, they can look it up on the voter rolls.  One local resident received this text message:

The next day the same person got this message:

How did get the phone number?

Voter lists are available to candidates and political parties, it is illegal for anyone else to have access to your personal information.

It’s obvious from the text what party MoveOn is associated with, did the Democrats pass along the phone number?  Keep in mind cell phone numbers aren’t in the phone book.

I talked to Connie Beard, Chair of the McLean County Republicans.  She made a decision NOT to use available technology to spam voters.  Candidates might be using phone numbers of voters they would represent, but the GOP party thinks people would be annoyed by spam text messages.

This voter was!

(I wonder if Democrats will blame Russia?)

Phone numbers are not required to register to vote!


62 thoughts on “Democrats spamming voters

  1. As a broken glass conservative, there’s no bigger sense of pride of country than voting in-person. Info I saw this morning (NBC of all places!) about early voting national trend has the Rs up 44 to 40%, a strong reversal of the early voting of 2016. Sometimes I regret not living in town so I could vote against the invasion of local socialists and their inane policies that hurt this community.

    Wake up B/Ners, don’t be a frog in the boiling pot.

    1. Are you saying NBC is giving election results….? Maybe you just mean of those voting this is how they are registered but not how they voted. Anyhow….VOTE period.

  2. I’ve gotten about three such requests to vote democrat on my cell phone via text. Everyone of them I’ve engaged a short conversation telling the univited texter how bad the dems are this year with facts.

  3. If there’s one thing I hate it’s “uninvited text messages.” Dems engaging in this type of solicitation turns more people off than on. This years demon rat strategists will be unemployed next term. But then again it’s not an easy task to continue to convince Americans to be anti-American. Socialism sucks!

  4. So your “evidence” of spamming is two texts to one person and some anecdotal stories. That’s not evidence. “People” saying on Facebook isn’t evidence either. You’re really ginning up hysteria with no real proof of anything.

    1. @ ACHEMICAL < posters like you don't gain any ground here. All you really do is provide a little entertainment and take away from your personal day of perhaps doing something constructive like getting out of your moms basement to seek some sunshine or fresh air.

    2. I’ve gotten several, and yes it is a form of “spamming” The Ds are DESPERATE not so much in Illinois maybe because Illinois is almost a lost cause (but there is still a glimmer of hope here and there unless that doughboy JB gets elected and then we can kiss Illinois goodbye he will finish off the job with his buddy Mike) I plan on informing them that I DO plan to vote and to vote straight RED and for them to watch out for the Red Tsunami that is going to be rolling through the country on Nov 6th if I get anymore of them (the last one was yesterday I think I’ll get another today or tomorrow they tend to be every couple of days) So wake up “chemical” (left out the A on purpose) and stop swallowing the line of nonsense your side tries to spew day in and day out about how noble and ethical they are.

    1. Most often when I read your comments, a pickle comes to mind. Pickles have bumps on them and have no reason to be there. Starting to get the message yet?

      1. Well if it isn’t old Gaslighting Dawson Lake…. Back for some more abuse from me? I thought Diane blocked you (still a good idea)? The last time you were commenting here, I pummeled you so badly that I thought I had finally forced you to go somewhere else? A little masochistic then? Great I am up for making you look like a idiot again!

      2. Bumps, are an integral part of the cucumber from which the pickle was made. Pickles are also good for you, and thus, the same as many Ds/Progs/ baby socialists/old leftover 60’s radicals etc, your comparison of her with a pickle and your attempt to tear down Ms Benjamin makes absolutely no sense.

  5. They are not Democrats, they are Communists.
    They are not spamming, they are engaging in unethical (and perhaps illegal) behavior based on misuse of public information.
    Those that defend them seem to be the same people who defend illegal aliens, sexual deviants, welfare fraudsters, Black Lives Matter thugs and Antifa terrorists.
    Do you see a pattern here?

    1. Oh there is definitely a pattern one thing I learned while living among them is that they are ALWAYS busy busy busy working toward their goals, and now, it truly NEVER lets up even for a short while, it does grow wearisome.

  6. Again, you have two text messages and a lot of hysteria generated by your commenters.

    “They are not Democrats, they are communists.” And you make that fact free hateful comment because? Because I don’t believe in the exact same thing you do? Why exactly are you demonizing someone you don’t know?

    You have :”proof” of nothing. No wonder a nut case 50 something was just arrested for the pipe bombs sent to critics of Trump. The rhetoric here is not helping with any civil narrative. Democrats are Democrats, they not “communist”. We don’t believe in open borders, illegal aliens (Where are “they” from Mars?) and list of bizarre cultural complaints and grievances you seem to have against anyone who isn’t in lockstep with your beliefs.

    The Russian were able to hack Illinois voter database. They were able to access names and a lot of personal information. How do you know that someone other than the entities involved sent those texts? You don’t. If “people” are “saying” on Facebook, well Facebook was used by the Russians in the 2016 campaigns.

    1. Too many A-chemical(s) in your brain? I would advise avoidance of Chantix, Zanax, all SRIs, meth, and crack just to mention a few. The Russians, lol. Blaming the Russians again. Lol. I feel sorry for people so woefully misinformed.

    2. First off, chemical, stop with the “hysteria” crap – there is no “hysteria” only disgust – that is just another of the tired old tricks you and your kind try to use against the normal people that if they express disgust or even disagree strongly that they are becoming hysterical or unhinged and the like – you want to see unhinged go watch some of your NPCs, your out of control soy boys harrassing old ladies or people simply wearing a Trump shirt or the like, your screaming pink hatters and their ilk and watch how they act out on a regular basis in public places. Now, off you go.

    3. BS you don’t believe in open borders, you most certainly do, just like you love “sanctuary cities” and believe that every “refugee” won’t be safe anywhere but the USA and YOU are demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree with your bizarre and befuddled line of thinking far more than she is.

      1. I was under the impression that we were a great country. A country that refugees wanted to come to because we were the one place that you wanted to build a new life. We have always accepted refugees from our earliest times. Always. How many of your forebears were “refugees”–millions in this country. What different about the current refugees? Their color. Refugees have rights as refugees, they are human beings.

        Sorry Ronin, you have written some of the most hateful rhetoric ” NPCs, your out of control soy boys”. Say what? That’s a lot of hate in your message.

        The fact is that a Trump supporter was just arrested for the terrorist bombs which were mailed to former presidents and other Democratic officials. Chris Wray of the FBI stated that the bombs were not “hoaxes devices”, that they were able to do real damage. So off you go. Maybe if you check what you have to say to others, it would be a better country.

  7. Facebook is used by democrats posing as Russians everyday. Didn’t you get the memo iwith your troll check Achemical?

    1. Was Bernie spewing hatred? NO. Trump spews hatred, division and lies every single day. Get a life? The bombs were not “hoaxes” as someone falsely stated on this forum. As far as “spam” that your crying about you’d think that if you got a text message you don’t want you’d just delete it and move on. Talk about getting a life.

      “Facebook is used by democrats posing as Russians everyday”. Where is the proof of that? There isn’t any. Sticky just made that up. Mueller indicted 13 Russians for interfering in our elections.

  8. I’m uninformed? The uncivil rhetoric here, is unbelievable. The Russian DID hack the voter database in Illinois along with several other states. The Russians stole thousands of records of voter information. People here need to turn down the uncivil speech to those who don’t share your political leanings.

    “Hackers based in Russia were behind two recent attempts to breach state voter registration databases, fueling concerns the Russian government may be trying to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, U.S. intelligence officials tell NBC News.

    The breaches included the theft of data from as many as 200,000 voter records in Illinois, officials say.”

    Another source: “The indictment says that in July 2016, Russian hackers hacked a board of elections website “and stole information related to approximately 500,000 voters, including names, addresses, partial social security numbers, dates of birth and drivers license numbers.”

  9. Chemical – we ALL know that – the difference is, we also know it has been going on for a LONG time, done by Russia, China and more recently Iran.We just don’t get as red faced and hysterical about it as ya’all do – their aim is to simply produce/gin up chaos and distrust of the American voting system and because of people like YOU, yes you and your comrades, they do a good job of it – not ONE vote was changed because of these tactics any more than they can be changed by the ads etc that MILLIONS of dollars are spent on by candidates on both sides. Politics has always been a messy business by the way, it’s nothing new.

  10. And we have a new brainwashed by the mainstream media VPN using want-to-be troll? Welcome – no gaslighting allowed here… A VPN … interesting… a computer person or you work at STL? Really you are so far gone that you think the Russians are under your bed preparing to hack your vote? So let me guess… your most watched TV News is CNN? Now before you go off on who I watch… I have not had a TV for 18 years so I don’t watch any cable news. I am a 48 year former Democrat, former union organizer and I campaigned for JFK when I was 9 years old. So I was involved with Democratic politics before you figured out if you were a boy or a girl. With that being said, perhaps a #walkaway video would be good for you to watch. There are thousands of them on YouTube: Do you have the guts to watch it? I walked away after 48 YEARS….You can too if you open your mind and turn off your TV. #WalkAway – Brandon Straka, “Why I left the Democrat Party” FYI – Old Stanky is right – and I am prepared to publicly humiliate you if I have too…

  11. Actually they CAN change votes:

    Tens of thousands of voting machines in the United States are vulnerable to hacking.

    They have been successfully dismantled and attacked by security researchers for years to demonstrate their flaws. In 2017, at the annual Defcon hackers conference, one tech professor from the University of Copenhagen was able to penetrate an Advanced Voting Solutions machine in about 90 minutes. The attackers were able to access the administrator mode, allowing them to potentially alter voting data.

      1. Russia did hack our election. They had access to hundreds of thousands of records from Illinois. They ran campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to defeat Clinton. Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Trump won a narrow electoral college votes, therefore the presidency. Look to how many Russian were charged by the Feds recently

        1. Guess you aren’t up to date on how many illegals voted either. Not surprising. The Russians were charged because they will never show.up, except that one group who did and told Mueller to prove the charges. So far he hasnt .

        2. So Trump is not president? In your mind… because the Russians? – I am so glad that someone like you came on this thread… it is truly refreshing to see someone who really believes this crap… it is like spotting a white rhino in the bush. LOL Hey… I have some land I would like to offer you in Utah… the price is unreal…

      1. Special Prosecutor Mueller hasn’t come to that point in his investigation. The indictments aren’t finished.

      2. You didn’t answer my question boy? Mueller… 2 years and nothing… because there is nothing… what do you think? Did Trump steal the election? Should Hillary be president? FYI – the indictments so far have nothing to do with collusion with Russia. What is your answer? Was it Trump and Putin and mean old Wikileaks that caused Hillary to lose? Come on? You can say…it

      3. Yes everyone we have this Chemical guy/girl/transgender who believes the whole Russia hacked the election thing… OMG…. even the Democrats are backing away from this daydream. Not old Chemical guy/girl/transgender…. no it is still real in his/her/it mind…. I know given all the has come out it would seem impossible for anyone to still believe in this… but Chemical guy/girl/transgender apparently still believes it. Perhaps he/she/it lives without the internet most of the time? Perhaps he/her/it only watches CNN and MSNBC and reads the Washington Post and the New York Times. This of course would explain how anyone with a functioning brain might still believe the Collusion Story. Then again Chemical guy/girl/transgender might be homeless and is using the library computer right now? And finally we can’t rule out head trauma.. a mind is a terrible thing to waste and his/her/it seems to be wasting a perfectly good one.

  12. Diane Benjamin you are a hypocrite masquerading as some do good, caring citizen. County Republican misdeeds, you go silent but do nothing but bash Democrats for the least of transgressions. You have no standing with me, you’re just a loud mouth hack.

    1. The paragraph already trashed republicans, unless it’s Sorensen i don’t need to. People tell me you claim to be a conservative Democrat while campaigning. I said there is no such thing. I was right.

    2. Really…. the only person in the area doing real journalism? What are you talking about boy? Can you come up with some examples please? Talk is cheap…. Like anyone cares if they have a “standing” with you? Come on boy… some examples of Diane bashing Democrats “for the least transgressions”? Diane and all of the regular sane people on this site want truth, justice and fiscal responsibility. We are waiting for your examples? Or are you just talk …. and gaslighting and lies?

      1. Now as we all wait for Mr.Sherbet to do his research on the many many posts that Diane as made and come up with his assorted flavors of “transgressions”, we can marvel at yet another reptilian establishment want-to-be troll spewing drivel and trying to make points with the intellectual depth of a salamander. Now let’s all wait for Mr. Sherbet to back up his claims? I hope he gets something together soon? We all want to see these transgressions that we all missed?

  13. Interesting- I got one of these as well, but it addressed it to James instead of Lane, so I thought they had just entered a wrong number. Clowns.

    Get Outlook for Android


  14. Here is the deal… the Democrats have tried everything to destroy President Trump – they have thrown the kitchen sink and all the pipes leading up to the sink at him and nothing is working. There is literally at this point nothing they will not do to try to stop Trump and the populist wave that supports him. Let me be clear here, they are trying to stop more than President Trump… they are trying to stop the people who support him (us). They want to stop us from taking back our government from the Deep State, the corporations, the liberal media and the wealthy elites. I believe we will see people hurt and killed in the upcoming year. This is not unlike the time right before our great civil war. When it becomes dangerous to wear a hat… when you risk being yelled at or beaten because you support our president… things are going to get worse before they get better. The very future of our republic is at stake here. The mainstream media is brainwashing and lying to our people and turning them against one another. As a former Democrat, I can say that the current democratic party has gone so insane and so to the left, that they now represent a danger to our democracy and the future of our country. Vote Red on November 6th and crush this monster of a political machine for good. #MAGA

    1. As a former Straight D voting, dumb as a rock Dem I agree with everything you said. I ran away from the plantation as well, BUT I took with me all I learned while there – I even worked for ACORN way back in the day and know ALL about what they really were, and actually still are because they still lurk about under different guises in different areas. The way they USED poor communities is a travesty. I will tell any fresh faced empty headed guileless soul who affiliates themselves with the current democrat party that they are participating in and supporting something that is NOT what they have come to believe it is and that “The Deep State” is sooo real, you know, that “shadow government” JFK warned us about… WAKE UP, if you truly have any sense, and any love at all for this country and for people in general that means people of ALL races, ethnicity, nationality and social classes, I HOPE you wake up. I also hope you delve DEEPLY into some unbiased HISTORY of not only the USA but the WORLD and no, it’s not pretty, but it is certainly NOT what you may have been led to believe either. If you learn HISTORY perhaps you will see that the same tricks, tactics, and methods being used by the current crop of “Democrats” are the same ones that have been used by horrendous regimes such as Lenin/Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Hitler, Chavez, Castro etc etc for decades upon decades, and now, just like then, the people who SEE what is happening are vilified as the “bad ones” or “troublemakers” or simply called crazy. It’s not too late, we were given a chance and a reprieve in 2016, but that was just one battle, the war is FAR from over. It’s going to take decades to try and undo the damage that has been done to both the USA and the world in the last 150 + years by these wolves in sheep’s clothing. That said I want to add that there ARE good and decent people who have been misled for years by the “progressives”, so much so that they don’t even have any idea what they are supporting, and that to me, may be the saddest thing of all.

      1. Yes… very well said Ronin… this is a fight for the future of our great country. This is why we all need to be serious defenders of truth and justice. This is why I am so passionate here and in other places. This is real and it is happening now… only our steadfast vigilance and fighting those who would control us can we MAGA. I know that my love for this country and it’s people will keep me outspoken and fighting for them until my last breath. Because this is what patriots do…

  15. HILLIARY CLINTON – Benghazi & Uranimum 1, etc., etc., etc. The demon-rats are toast. Red wave in November due to the fact that the demonrats are just so stupid.

  16. larry 451, I will never let you intimidate me. Most often I take the position that you are not worth my time. Sorta like that pickle bump.

    1. You are right I don’t intimidate you…. but I do make you look like the lightweight and empty intellectual vessel that you are… Which is quite frankly very easy and a lot of fun… All of the establishment people here are paper tigers…. all show and a foundation based on their connection to the money train here.

    1. I watched that vid yesterday – it’s perfect, you KNOW the Leftists HATE it – oh wait that must mean that they are full of hate, just like they call it HATE when being called soy boys and NPCs and the like – word up to the Left – we don’t really HATE you (not yet anyway….) but we are going to poke fun at you whenever we can, sort of like ya’all have demeaned people who disagree with YOU as ignorant, toothless, uneducated, white supremacists, hillbillies, xenophobes, racists, bitter clingers, etc and the list of insults goes on and on.

  17. Maybe some of the college grads got jobs and saw what the government took out of their paycheck. It’s easy to support socialism when you have no money, are a full-time student with mommy/daddy or the government pay for your schooling and housing. For the Rs, it’s the economy stupid…as in, it’s red hot!

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