Connect Transit: More of the same

By:  Diane Benjamin

September report:

Keep in mind this ridiculous use of your money happens across the country.  Cheaper ways to transport people can’t be that difficult.  Note below – ISU has a contract so the kids can ride for free.

Expenses are almost 10 times Revenue!

Boardings per hour is higher, total ridership was higher too.  PDF page 11

Last month Connect paid this:

Now see PDF page 41:

The Government Finance Officers Association gave the Connect financial statements a Certificate of Excellence!  It looks exactly like the one other local governments buy.  All GFOA has to do is change the name and date!

PDF page 48

PDF page 90:

Downtown Bloomington will surely be a success when government owns almost all the property.

11 thoughts on “Connect Transit: More of the same

  1. Please, remember to vote or we will continue to see this stupidity month after month, year after year, and generation after generation!

  2. Connect transit is a MAJOR government “boondoggle” at ALL levels. From the top down to the mayors. The busses are most ALWAYS empty, the routes are most inconvenient and go where NO ONE has gone before. WHY do they travel on country roads? You’ll see them on old 150 by College and way out that way. nothing but cows and corn mazes out there! And expense are 10X revenue!! WHAT does that tell you??

    1. They travel those routes because bureaucrats say so, not the market and end consumer. When you put government between producer and consumer you get things like DisConnect Transit, BCPA, the Coliseum, Green Flop Grocery, and Uppity Town.

    2. Well, Walmart is out there. The movie theater is out there. Oh…and maybe the buses are headed back to their headquarters…which is out there (on Wylie Dr.). Duh. AND they’re not empty. Read. Boardings and ridership is up. Diane pointed it out herself. And I use the service. It’s essential to me, my family, and this community.

  3. When it’s not your money… it is easy to spend it… imagine what that money could do if it was used for something good and productive? I think in the wallet of the taxpayers is a good place for it. They make so they should be able to spend or save it.

  4. Connect Transit is selling the unsellable. No one you know proactively wants to ride Connect Transit, yet they continue to advertise and sponsor events and organizations in town. If you can afford even a modest ticket to watch the Red Birds then you’re probably not riding the bus. The students only ride a bus if it happens to line up with their travel need at a given spur of the moment in time. Connect Transit has successfully infiltrated the Chamber, EDC, BN Advantage and all these local groups claiming to be helping promote and grow Bloomington-Normal. So of course, the other members are obliged to kiss their ring and champion what they do for the community. It’s disgusting. Connect Transit should be defunded and its assets liquated.

    1. Yes this is how the system works here…. embed and kiss rings and other things. Lock up your position with relationships with the power brokers at all the events in town. Take advantage of every photo op and glad handing and back-slapping event like there is no tomorrow. The Chamber “networks” with the same 50 people all the time. This is not networking… this is a meeting of the tree house club. It’s a big club and you and I are not in it.

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