The local Democratic Socialists

By:  Diane Benjamin

Maybe attempting to disguise themselves, the local group uses the initials DSA instead of Democratic Socialists of America.

This Saturday they are holding a meeting on the Wesleyan Campus:

I bet they will agree with this statement:   “capitalism is the realm of injustice”.

Before DSA gets excited, those words were uttered by Hugo Chavez, inflation in Venezuela is now approaching 1 million percent because of socialism.

EVERY Time socialism is tried it fails.  The people of Cuba cheered when Castro came to power.  He promised to make everyone equal.  Instead he stagnated the economy, innovation, and murdered dissidents.  People don’t want to work hard so government can take their profits.  They also don’t want to work hard if government will provide without hard work.

Socialism is a recipe for failure, yet the local  members love to attend community events and proselytize its greatness.  You may have seen them this summer at outdoor festivals.  They supported the “Welcoming Ordinance” for illegals.  DSA and the local Democrats are both promoting this event:

America was founded as a free market capitalist country.  It’s impossible to change without destroying everything America stands for.  Thy are trying really hard:

  • White men are now evil
  • Woman must be in charge
  • Cops are evil
  • Illegal alien just means undocumented
  • Gender is whatever you think it is
  • People aren’t innocent until proven guilty
  • The Founding Father’s are immaterial because some owned slaves.

The socialist bible is jammed with free stuff and equality claims to attract the historically uninformed.  The foundations of the country need destroyed first, public education is working hard on that one.

Socialist love to cite Denmark and Sweden as successful socialist countries.  They aren’t socialist.  Free markets and private property rights fund their welfare programs.  DSA might want to research how those welfare programs are now being cut because they are un-affordable and discourage work.

Social Justice is socialism.  Free market capitalist need to defend it before the population here gets snookered into cheering for their own demise.

I posted this story back in 2012.  The national Democratic Socialist had a list on their website with names of their members currently in office:

Many of them are still there.  Many now call themselves Progressives instead.  At the top of the list is Nancy Pelosi.  Voting for any Democrat could put her back in charge of the House.  She was a disaster for America the last time she was in charge, she will be a disaster again.  THINK before you vote!

If facts matter, the local socialist need to hear from people who know socialism.  Capitalism creates prosperity, socialism destroys it:


46 thoughts on “The local Democratic Socialists

  1. After November 6th these folks will be even more on the fringe than they already are. The Democratic Party is the new Wig Party. They are headed for the history books.

  2. In light of bombs being sent to Democrats, your fear mongering is really beyond the pale. The Democratic Socialist party is a very small with membership around 28,811 in 2017. They are not the Democratic party.Your conflating the Democratic Socialist party with the Democratic party is also wrong. When exactly are you going to stop the lies and the vitriol? Someone is going to get hurt or killed.

      1. Aaron: Normally I just laugh and file your comments. I decided to start praying for you instead. So much hate in your heart has to be killing you.

    1. The Democratic Socialist agenda has become the defacto agenda of the Democratic Party. As a former lifelong Democrat – 48 years – this is a sign of the splintering of the Democratic party. Let me guess… Trump is Hitler… Kavanaugh is guilty until proven innocent… Open boarders are good for America… Hilary was cheated by Russia….Antifa is going to achieve peace through violence…. Democratic party leadership calling for violence against Republican politicians and supporters of the president is good. I would suggest you turn off CNN and MSNBC … you have a very severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Get help before you hurt yourself or someone else.

    2. Oh you mean the latest desperate publicity stunt by democrats which was to pay someone to send them bombs? Wake up fool.

      1. Dear Meidaghpst, so how do you feel about this radical Republican from Florida, that has now been arrested for these bombs? Did you get to look at his van windows? You should never ass-u-me.

    3. Althana, the “bombs being sent to Democrats” are being sent….by Democrats. Mark my words. They were sent by Antifa freaks. Today’s democrat party is extreme. They have only survived by creating fear…fear that your rights are being taken away by evil, rich white men. Fear that we’re trying to keep you from voting, from being promoted, from living the American dream. Fear and division along racial, gender, social status, age – you exist by creating victims. Get over yourself.

    4. do we yet know who is sending the bombe? what happens if it is an illegal or a bernie supporter? if it is you can guarantee the left will shut up real quick!

  3. The Democratic party IS NOT the Democratic Socialist party. Stop conflating the two. No Democrat is calling for “open boarders” (sic) or “violence” against anyone. “Antifa” isn’t the Democratic party either. The Russians DID interfere in the 2016 election. They’re back for the 2018 midterms. 26 state voting systems were hacked by the Russians. Our voting systems are vulnerable.

    It is the rhetoric of the president of the United States that is dividing this country. Who is calling the press the “enemy of the people? Our president. Who has called for the jailing without trial his political opponents? Our president. Who lauded the assault of a news person by a Congressman? Our president. He is not really condemning the attempted murder of Obama, Michelle Obama, Biden, etc.

    Perhaps Lawrence YOU need to stop reading Breitbart, WND and watching Fox News.

      1. San Francisco ISN’T letting illegals vote!!! (What’s your source for that falsehood)? After extensive trolling for people voting illegally, Kris Kobach found a couple Republican white males who had residences in two states. There is NOT voter fraud in this country. That is a red herring.

        The bombs aren’t “fake”, they are in fact pipe bombs with shrapnel. The fact that they haven’t gone off speaks to their poor construction, not “fakeness”. Perhaps you need a new source of news that doesn’t spout falsehoods.

    1. It is going to be really hard for me to stop watching TV… you see I don’t have a TV… Have not had a TV for almost 18 years now… You are too far gone to argue with… November 6 get your crying towels ready… Your blue wave is going to be overwhelmed by the Red Tsunami.. Have fun crying and screaming… and being triggered! LOL! Power to the People! #MAGA

      1. What is Trump running on Fear and hate. Is that really what you want you country to become? Apparently. BTW, I don’t believe for second anything you have to say about anything.

        1. Obama infiltrated his campaign. The left has been out to “frame” Trump and get him removed from office since the day he was elected. Laws don’t matter, voting doesn’t matter. If they lose they cheat.

  4. Every time these nutjobs grab a headline, it backfires on the Democrats. Middle of the road Dems and Independents are repulsed by these folks, their ideology, and how they present themselves. Present away…

    1. Seriously… they could not have designed a better way to get Republicans and independents out to vote. And now these fake bombs delivered to everyone and his brother… the American people are not as dumb as these left wing Democrats think… They see right through this crap… The Democrats have been taken over by crazy leftists… it is done as a national political party. The new Wig party now

  5. @ ALTHANA ,,,oh you mean those (bombs) sent of which none detonated? Lol. How many sent, and non detonated? It was propably Hilliarys idea, huh? Anyway you’re so badly misiformed I’m not wasting any more time on you.

    1. So you are minimizing an act of domestic terrorism. Nice. The police are detonating these devices. They are pipe bombs with shrapnel not “fake bombs”. As of now, there have been 10 sent and police had to take them away to detonate. That doesn’t sound fake to me.

      Crazy leftist? You really think Hillary is behind this? Talk about calling someone guilty without any evidence. Apparently innocence is only for Republicans. Claiming voter fraud, when parents with children in schools were allow ONLY to vote in local school initiatives. They are not voting in any general election. So, no, they are not voting in 2018 midterms or in 2020.

      Lawrence, your source is Wikipedia? LOL. Wikipedia is NOT a source of anything.

      1. They are plastic, not pipe bombs. They aren’t filled with shrapnel, they have glass. They also have timers. Not a single one has gone off, even when opened. You aren’t slightly interested in why none have gone off? The one at Soros’s house was opened. Isn’t that when they are supposed to go off?

  6. Democratic Socialists point to Sweden as a model of what we should do. I saw a documentary recently, and apparently they are accidentally correct. Sweden’s economy tanked in the 70s and 80s at the peak of their socialist tendencies, but are now doing quite well due to reforms since then, primarily in the 90s, so yes, we Should emulate Sweden (other than importing un-vetted muslims to the tune of 10% of the population):
    – Privatize Social Security
    – Create a robust system of Private Schools by issuing universal Tuition Vouchers
    – Minimize business regulation
    – Make government a neutral party in labor issues rather than pro-union

    1. Socialism – why should one man have so much?
      Capitalism – all men should have so much.
      The change will not help cause the same criminals to humanity that are in charge of the world today will be the same criminals again that will have a new way to squeeze more wealth out of the fools who embraced them. The power freaks will not give up any power but seize more. It’s unfortunate that there so so many brainwashed fools among us. Not enough though. Red wave in November.

  7. How in the heck does a fake bomb get delivered to fake news CNN with the wrong postage and the stamps never cancelled by the post office. That is impossible!!! FAKE NEWS at its best two weeks before the elections. The Democrats are losing so bad they have to send fake bombs to their own people. OBAMA SPIED…. HILLARY LIED!!!

  8. “They are plastic, not pipe bombs”. Huh? They are pipe bomb that are using PVC pipe as part of a device. So they ARE pipe bombs. There is NO difference between plastic or iron in a pipe bomb. They have not gone off because they have been intercepted before they got to the intended victims. Thank the Secret Service, New York Police, FBI all entities YOU and your readers like to demonize. The fact that you and your readers are minimizing an act of domestic terrorism is really appalling.

  9. “An X-ray of the package indicated a similar pipe bomb inside, and investigators suspect it was sent by the same person who sent explosives to Clinton, Obama and others, a law enforcement official said. Video from the scene showed the New York police bomb squad removing the package in a heavily armored containment truck. It was transported to Rodman’s Neck, a peninsula in the Bronx where the NYPD explodes bombs, the department said.”

    “Police officers in the TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan, where a pipe bomb addressed to the actor Robert De Niro was found on Thursday.”
    PIPE BOMB! Facts matter!

  10. Althana: Since you completely ignored the link where I proved you are uniformed, your comments will be deleted from now on. facts don’t matter, Truth doesn’t matter.

  11. WOW Althana how out of touch! Yes local Dems are socialists! One running for county board had a hand in the small Antifa group protesting a Blue Lives Matter rally. They have threatened me & several others I know who won’t go along with their Socialist agenda & stand up for America. We have another that stands with the DSA at rallies that’s running for city council. I was told by one prominent self described DSA member they are taking over all government here & have several members running in the local elections. Then you have Nikita that stands tall & kisses butt with Durbin who hasn’t missed the DSA rally in Chicago for years. YES there is proof. Their own words & pics. Stop trying to cover their agenda. They’ve come out of the so called closet. How about you?

  12. @ ALTHANA OCTOBER 25, 2018 AT 11:35 AM
    I just want to let you know that I find your comments completely out of touch with reality, and sadly,,,quite amusing!
    Please provide your real name and address and I’ll send you $2 for the cover charge of enjoying the comedy show.

    1. Law enforcement confirmed on Wednesday night that the white powder with the “pipe bomb” sent to CNN addressed to John Brennan was a harmless.
      According to the AP: The NYPD said the explosive devices were live during a Wednesday afternoon press conference but subsequent reporting suggests they were not functional.

      All of the devices carried a parody ISIS flag featuring comedian Larry the Cable Guy’s signature slogan, “git ‘er done,” NBC News reported late Wednesday.

      It appears they were all fakes.
      As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today — IT WAS ALL A HOAX.

      Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

    1. I walked away after being a Democrat for 48 years… starting at age 9 campaigning for JFK. There are thousands of Walk Away videos on Youtube. No they are not Russia agents or paid by Russia – they are your fellow Americans who have walked away from the Democratic Party. If you have the guts… watch this. #WalkAway – Brandon Straka, “Why I left the Democrat Party”

    2. Well did you watch the #walkaway video? There are THOUSANDS of #walkaway videos on YouTube. White people, Black People, Asian People and Brown People… they are crazy and you are right? Don’t trust me… look for yourself…. it’s not a secret…. they are up for the world and you to see.

  13. Maxine Waters openly encouraged people to attack Republicans. We have her on audio and video insisting that Republicans must be bullied. Well, people took her advice and got up in the face of Sarah Sanders, Pam Bondi, Ted and Heidi Cruz, and others. In fact one Republican candidate suffered a concussion from an attack that will likely take 8 weeks for him to recover. Eric Holder also called for Republicans to be attacked. He said, “If they go low we kick ’em.” So, the Democrats, aka the Socialists, need look no further than the closest mirror. THEY are openly encouraging people to attack Republicans. The hard, cold facts speak for themselves.

    1. And the demon rats will continue with lies, fear, and intimidation because their policies of free stuff are tanking America. Not to mention their use of victimhood sending their snowflakes into the blame game and temper tantrums. Eventually even one’s own parents get tired of the constant crying and whining because it just isn’t cute anymore.

  14. The bomb hoax is just another democrat/deep state-sponsored October surprise before the midterm elections. The “bombs” were deliberately made to look like they were created by ignorant, single digit IQ, bucktooth, flyover country hillbillies that the elite, bi-coastal MSM thinks we are.

    First, we had the illegal invasion caravan (MSM conveniently does not report on the Soros “philanthropical” large trucks supporting the crowd with food, water, and other needs), all in an attempt to show how evil Trump is while he protects the country a la the Constitution.

    Second, we had the interest rate scare in order to drive the stock market down. Meh, it lasted a day or two, now on its way back to where it was.

    Third, isn’t it funny how the fake bomb deliveries were coordinated to capture MSM headlines on the very day R. Rosenstein was scheduled to testify in front of the congressional subcommittee. Govt. agencies got wind of the bomb plot and had Rosenstein postponed. The intended plot foiled, the MSM redirected to attack Trump’s rhetoric, which pales in comparison to that in-your-face, kick’em vitriol spewed by HRC, Holder, Waters, Biden, Deniro, et al. They are extremely fearful of the incriminating testimony R. Rosenstein has and will stop at nothing to silence it.

    Next, watch for an attack on the 2nd Amendment, unfortunately with another shooting incident. Lather, rinse, repeat for added turmoil until the Red Tsunami rules on election day. Then watch for the antifa anarchists to throw fits nationwide. The stakes are highest ever for these midterms, for if the democrats lose, their party will truly be destroyed. Good luck, be prepared, and get out to vote!

    1. Great comment Dave… You are right on the money with this…On November 7th we will be celebrating and getting a mop and a bucket for the liberal Democratic tears that will be everywhere. It will probably be best to stay inside (for your safety) as triggered Progressives, Liberals, DSA morons and our Mayor Tari will be marching and screaming in animalistic rages. It is going to be a lot of fun! #MAGA

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