Calling Conservatives! (correction)

Local elections are early next year.  Petitions have to be submitted between November 19 and the 26th.

We need conservatives running for city councils and school boards.

I can help with funding your campaign!  You need to be getting signatures NOW.

Contact me at


10 thoughts on “Calling Conservatives! (correction)

  1. I read someplace that Town of Normal (and library?) petitions need to be in yet this month. I may be mistaken, so feel free to correct me…


    1. Petitions filing dates for Bloomington are November 19-26. Office closed Nov 22-23. Location At the BEC office on the fourth floor of the Government Building in downtown.

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  2. Candidate packets are obtained at the BEC. Once complete, they need to be notarized pitot to submission. The packet includes all information necessary.


  3. Diane, Unfortunately when I ran for Town Council, I only received support from a few Republican party members, my own county board member did not allow my yard sign in his yard. Yet he allowed Cheryl Gains who is a liberal sign in his yard.  Most other elected county and state elected Republicans never even wished me well in the campaign although I had attended their fund raisers and supported them. However, there was a small handful of exceptions.  Former TEA party members did support me.  Perhaps I was too conservative for the mainstream McLean Co. Republicans. We have two conservatives on the Normal town council, but it is going to be difficult to get any liberal incumbents off the council. We need to change 2 of the 3 seats up for election to conservative and hold the incumbent conservative.  No easy task.  I spoke to Marc Tiritilli and a few others that we needed to get organized to have candidates on board before now, all to no avail. People complain about tax and spend, but few will step up to do anything about it.    Sorry that I am a downer todayR


    1. Ron,
      Who pray tell are the two conservatives on the Normal Town Council???? As for who your county board member who refused to support you is, it’s pretty clear that’s Bill Caisley. Go figure. I’d have serious reservations about your candidacy if your sign was in his yard. He’s what’s wrong with the Republican party in Illinois along with the Brady bunch, Rauner and the rest of the empty suits who have no agenda, no coalition and no message.

      Thanks Ron for stepping up to run the times you did and for speaking out at meetings. Defeat is hard. I’ve supported a lot of candidates, including you and I’ve lost more elections than I’ve won. Our victories in life have to be about so much more than winning elections. There’s a difference between running a winning campaign and loosing an election. Politics is not always fair and the best person doesn’t always win. Yet, it’s a platform for an open exchange of ideas. You’ve raised many good points in your campaign that otherwise would have been ignored. Our community is a better place due to your involvement.


    2. After running last time for Bloomington City Council against Milwaumbe I too felt no Republican Party support. I would be willing to run as part of Conservative Slate with mayoral candidate as that is best way to get conservative majority on council.
      Bob Clay


  4. Diane,

    Even though we moved our business and residence out of town after 61 years, I may help also fund some conservatives if they have the heart and determination that will resonate with the Republications and Independents of Mclean County, Bloomington, and Normal.

    BTW. Good blog. Been watching, reading for over a year. Not sure I agree with all comments but it is time for action, not words. Good work and keep the news going.


  5. As discussed in the past on this blog, there’s a lack of energy and support for conservative candidates. The Chamber-EDC cabal, Downtown nutjobs, government employees, local media, college students, and the well-organized local Democratic party all conspire to attack any conservative candidate and drag them through the mud. This is why you won’t see a straight-shooting working, family guy or gal running for office. Even independents and moderates can’t be found. Lots of people have the heart, few have the stomach to take the abuse, which I totally understand. The cultural of Bloomington-Normal needs to change! It’s as if people want to pretend everything is okay.

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