A Fireman’s story

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington may have a problem with one of their firefighters.  Unfortunately most of the information I received under FOIA is redacted.  Since he hasn’t been charged or even disciplined, I am withholding his name.  The sources that gave me information claim this isn’t the only problem this guy has had, he just seems to skate every time.

This story concerns both Bloomington and Normal.  The FOIA information I received from each conflicts.

Received from Bloomington – all the redactions are theirs:


I initially FOIA’d both cities at the same time because I knew the female had gone to the Normal Police Department for the reasons stated.

Normal’s FOIA initially came back with “no information found”.  I then replied to that request citing this section from what Bloomington eventually produced.  I received this response from the FOIA officer:

So, the female was too afraid to make a report in Bloomington and Normal basically turned it over to Bloomington anyway.

Also received from Bloomington – they redacted everything in black:

The Bloomington FOIA mentioned the Normal police report more than once, yet Normal claims to have nothing.

The report above ends with this:

There was no evidence of any discipline in this case in response to my FOIA.  I had reason to believe an investigation was still happening, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

So why do a story with a lot of missing details?

Remember the former Bloomington police officer who used illegally obtained information on females for personal use?  My sources think this guy is following in the same footsteps.

Females need to be alert.  I’m not sure Bloomington or Normal is the place to report a problem.  If you feel threatened, try the Sheriff or the State Police.









8 thoughts on “A Fireman’s story

  1. F.B.I. was brought in on the Pelo case. He was stalking a friend of mines sister (when he was caught) whom he met when she WENT TO THE FRONT DESK WITH A FRIEND TO REPORT A RAPE which he was convicted of.


  2. How is this even a story? The Normal PD stated that there was no evidence of a crime. The woman or who ever then went to the Bloomington PD to report the incident or what ever happened, she obviously wasn’t “afraid” to report the incident as you stated. Do you report on innuendos and hearsay?

    According to you, one police officer once misused his office. Therefore all police and firemen are suspect. This is not a story it’s gossip.


  3. I read and re-read this “story”. You’re reporting on an innuendo nothing more. The woman, despite your claim was not “afraid” to report whatever you’re implying happened to two police forces. The Normal PD report stated that there was no crime. She then went to the Bloomington PD and filed a report, they had a criminal investigation which turned up nothing. That was almost two years ago in 2017. So this unknown person went to two police forces to report an unknown fireman for doing something you’re only implying. Sorry this isn’t a story.


  4. There is still no story unless you consider rumors to be a story. “I advised ___the report made by_____to the NPD showed no evidence of a crime but would be documented. ___said she understood. This report is administratively closed.”

    After Normal PD, she then went to the Bloomington PD and submitted the same report about “suspicious” activity allegedly involving members (not just one) of BFD” of with the same results, almost two years ago.

    So there was no evidence of a crime, no one was charged. Where’s the beef?


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