Facts don’t matter

by:  Diane Benjamin

Facts frequently don’t matter because too many people think with their heart instead of their brain.  They twist facts to prove to themselves why conservative values are wrong.  Any one who thinks government is their friend falls into this category.  Government doesn’t exist to solve problem because:  1) it isn’t their money and 2) they would be out of a job if problems were solved.

Locally facts don’t matter to the Democrat Socialists and those demanding Social Justice (equality without working or paying for it):

More than 8 people will likely show up for this sham.

North Carolina and Vermont and seriously looked at single payer plans for their states and both decided they couldn’t afford it.  A left-leaning organization estimated the Bernie Sanders plan would cost $32 trillion over 10 years.  I can hear this rally chanting “tax the rich now”.  It won’t matter the top 10% already pay more than 50% of federal taxes.

Read more:    https://www.forbes.com/sites/sallypipes/2018/07/09/choking-on-the-cost-of-medicare-for-all/#3f0b3fcf56f3

I wonder if the Pantagraph will report this on the front page like it’s a credible path forward?

Maybe next this group can hold an abolish the Electoral College rally.  Too many people don’t take the time to find out why it was created.  Again, facts don’t matter when you don’t bother to look for them.





7 thoughts on “Facts don’t matter

    1. they dont think period! If they did they would know that Medicare for all means socialized medicine: waiting for six to eight months to see a doctor about a heart problem. If they used that tiny brain they would realize that Medicare for all means that the middle class will be footing a bill of 40 trillion a year to pay for it.


  1. WOW! They’re taking time out from ” hating TRUMP speech” to protest for Medicare for all?? What next, Save gay baby seals??
    When a person “thinks” they know it ALL, facts don’t matter because YOU”RE right and everyone else is the person warning labels were printed for..


    1. You should attend if you have time. No need to open your mouth – just carry a Truthful protest sign about what they stand for, like “Eff our grandkids, I want mine!” or “BloNo Murders? Who cares? FREE STUFF is what really matters!”


  2. Instead of the “social” warriors crying for “free”(insert laugh here) healthcare you would think they would be worrying about the rising murder rate in BLONO !

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