Are all Commissions really a joke?

By:  Diane Benjamin

We know Bloomington’s Police Review Board (PSCRB) has been in existence for a year, held lots of meetings, prepared information for citizens, and has yet to hear one complaint.  Anybody think it was set up as a “feel good” board and never intended to hear complaints?

Now we will see if Normal’s Historic Preservation Commission is just another gimmick to make citizens think they have influence.  Today they voted 3-2 to keep the three buildings set for demolition to make way for the huge shiny new building.  Demolition includes the mural.

I expect the Town Council will vote to reject their recommendation, meaning there is really no reason for the commission to exist.  Their opinions are immaterial and merely block progress.

At least that’s what the Council will think.  Just watch.  There will be tears and gnashing of teeth, but those buildings are as good as gone.

Farnsworth is merely moving closer to their biggest benefactor,  (Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic)

One note:  I find it hilarious that appointees are a secret in Normal until after the Council approves the appointment.  Koos claims it’s a personnel issue that can only be discussed in secret.  Bloomington actually welcomes their appointees before the Council even votes!

Is Normal afraid a citizen might actually object to one of his people?  Aren’t commission members working for free?  Yes they do, how are appointees personnel – especially if their opinions don’t matter?

10 thoughts on “Are all Commissions really a joke?

  1. Like George Carlin said before he passed away… it’s all BS and it’s bad for you. These commissions give the appearance that they care about what people think. They really don’t care about what the taxpayers think. It’s their way or the highway. Look over there: We have a citizen committee to help us decide and make policy! It’s all a joke and the joke is on the taxpayers.


      1. I am sure that some of the members want to do the right thing and try hard but they are just there for show. The liberal elites really don’t want their input.


  2. KOOS is afraid WE “can’t handle the truth”!! He’s ALREADY ruined UPTOWN (I HATE that snobbish sound) so he might as well stay the course and tear down anything worth a hoot. MAYBE they’ll get to the 900 block of N. School, I’d BRING my OWN lawn chair for THAT!!


  3. If Koos wants it he will let NOTHING including historic buildings stand in his way . You can bet your last tax dollar that those buildings will come down! New hotel? Sure why not . another new hotel? sure ,its only someone else’s money. Historic building? Who needs em? Beautiful mural ? Tear it down,its only art! All Koos sees is money & power nothing,including opinions of taxpayers and commissions will stop him. Koos is the captain of HIS ship,the Master of the Titanic & the day will come when like the Titanic the city of Normal will go down and go down hard!


    1. On a positive note, whether he knows it or not, Koos will help elect Marc Tiritilli and damage his would-be opponent(s) who almost certainly have hitched their wagon to Uptown and the establishment belief in government-led economic development.

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  4. If Koos and the Council are hiding the appointees, there’s something to be hidden. Conflicts of interest? Establishment insiders? There is no reason to hide the members of a historical preservation committee, they’re not reviewing military intelligence files or state secrets. There is no compelling issue of safety or compliance for the members themselves or population at-large. Something stinks here.

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  5. I’m convinced that the Historic Preservation Commission is a total joke. They exist to reject private homeowners from wanting to remodel their historic homes, but when it comes to the Town, they’re opinion is worthless. The council just overrides whatever the HPC decides anyways. But private citizens don’t have the same luxury of having the council at their disposal. It’s yet another example of governments “for me, not for thee” crap.


  6. Although I doubt it will happen, the Preservation Commission, whether it knows it or not, has handed Koos an out. Instead of coming clean and admitting the Uptown is a disaster and the Town’s finances are a mess, he could point to their decision and say, “Well, we tried, but the Preservation Commission made valid points and is very attuned to the historical charm of this community which we love…yad yada…” If the Koos plan is put into motion, Marc Tiritilli is the next mayor of Normal. Will Koos take the out???


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