BCPA: You deserve to know

By:  Diane Benjamin

It wasn’t a smart move by the City of Bloomington to pretend to deny my FOIA request for the event recap of the Naked Magicians show because it was posted on the website.

As I reported, no event reports between February 2018 and November 2018 have been posted – just the one I requested.  No reports have been posted since the November show either.    https://blnnews.com/2019/01/23/the-bcpas-lack-of-transparency/

Here’s why having those event reports is important:

The City created Enterprise Funds to get more of your money.  Solid Waste is one – the rates kept getting increased until the fund balanced.

Solid Waste prior to creation of the Enterprise Fund was paid for with taxes you already paid.  The fund was only created to get more from you.

Water is also an Enterprise Fund.  It has so much money in hopes of drilling wells the City has stolen money from it for the Coliseum:   https://blnnews.com/2017/02/23/still-confused-about-enterprise-funds/

Sewer and Storm Water are also Enterprise Funds – those rates have increased too so it balances.

Golf and Parking are in another a fund together.

The only Enterprise Fund that is not required to balance is the ARENA.  It hilarious how you have to pay more so the others balance, but the Coliseum/Grossinger Motors Arena can lose money while the REAL audited loss is never reported by the media.  The lower VenuWorks number is gospel even though they can report anything they want to!

Here’s the point:

At least with the Coliseum I can tell you what the real loss is.  With the BCPA I can’t because they have zero transparency.

Today I filed a FOIA request for event reports for every show that is not on the website.

If the City attempts to deny it as being cumbersome I will not let them get by with it.  Obviously they have software to do it since they have done it for the Naked Magicians show.

Enough Hiding!

On bills and payroll for Monday:

What artist?  I WILL find out.



11 thoughts on “BCPA: You deserve to know

  1. Bob Seger just did a “Farewell” tour and did a show at the PEORIA Civic Center, which took in OVER a MILLION dollars, a NEW record for the venue. What’s the record for the Arena? The BCPA? WHY can’t venu(don’t work) obtain good shows for us that will BREAK EVEN?
    It will be interesting to see what all the BCPA numbers have to “say”. BET they say TARI and his “minions” want ANOTHER tax increase.

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    1. Their strategy is two-fold: 1) Continuously claim that it’s just a matter of getting the word out and that to do so they need more (taxpayer) money and government involvement. It’s not that there’s no demand or interest, they argue, it’s just that people don’t know how amazing the BCPA is. Think I’m kidding, the new signage is indicative of the tone-deaf Downtown crowd; 2) Bad mouthing those they believe aren’t “cultured” and/or are “tea party wackos”, as if that will steer people to the BCPA.

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      1. “Getting the word out”? Bogus! They communicate what they want to communicate to whom they want to communicate to. I’ve been a communication stategist for years and there doesn’t seem to be any plan to their schedules except a soft copy you may get your hands on or some form of social media if you happen to think of looking it up. Big deal on the signage….I’m not making a point to do a “drive by” to see what’s up. And on a personal note, if you go and you’re not part of the party…you’re definitely left out in the cold. It’s a shame this town has to play reindeer games while the rest of us travel to feel and enjoy quality entertainment. Personally, and I’ve told them…I wouldn’t walk across the street to throw a bucket of water on the building if it was on fire. Its dirty like a lot in Bloomington and Normal. Thanks Diane.

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  2. Great work, Diane! The BCPA is a money pit. Even with 100s of volunteers, they can’t break even. Not sure if you have any insights, but I heard in passing that plans for the Discovery Center to launch in 2023 are being shared around town and will include help from the Friends of the BCPA. At a minimum, the waste, fraud, and mismanagement will grow in proportion to the tens of millions that will likely be dumped down this rat hole.

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  3. Pretty much got a Discovery Center right here, BLNnews. Diane is constantly discovering city financial waste so that we citizens might get out to vote the incompetent socialists out of office. Good job Diane.


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