NEA subverts Black History Month

By:  Diane Benjamin

Black History Month isn’t about teaching kids Black History.  Instead of proving America is a country where anybody can succeed, the  National Education Association is taking a different path.

Why aren’t they talking about Madam C.J. Walker?  She was born in 1867 and had a very difficult life.  But she had a vision and became wealthy long before the civil rights movement.

How about Hiram Rhodes Revels, the first Black man elected to Congress in 1870?  Maybe the NEA doesn’t want the kids to know the Democrats tried to block him from being seated.

There have been many great Black Americans who could inspire kids of all colors.  Success has nothing to do with the color of your skin, it is about believing one can achieve.  The NEA’s goals for Black History Month aren’t about inspiring greatness.  They want to make sure kids know they are oppressed, inspiring all kids to succeed doesn’t fit the agenda.  Successful people are self-reliant, the NEA is creating controllable dependents.  An entire generation who think socialism is better than capitalism wasn’t an accident.

The NEA isn’t calling February Black History Month.  They renamed it to Black Lives Matter At School.  The NEA wants “racial justice”.    Source

From the NEA website:




The NEA wants supporters to use the hashtag @BLMAtSchool.  This is one of the tweets using that hashtag:

The National Education Association doesn’t exist to advocate for kids.   The NEA would rather advocate for “progress” away from anything traditional.  We now have a whole generation of victims demanding justice because they’ve been taught they can’t succeed.

Why are teachers handing their money to the NEA?  Teachers I know don’t support creating future victims.

Parents need to get their kids out of the public schools.  Your kids deserve better.


27 thoughts on “NEA subverts Black History Month

  1. Illinois is ONE of the RICHEST states in AA history. Lincoln for starters. New Philadelphia has a GREAT history to it. Just across the Mississippi there was the AA utopia of Buxton, Iowa which was a racially integrated coal mining town that AA were the MAJORITY of residents, and were successful. Sad that schools have taken this road to perdition!! And teaching BLM is NOT going to help matters at all.. Maybe teaching a MOMENT of GRACE would be asking too much?

  2. Let’s see a white woman telling African Americans how to celebrate Black history month. Not only that, who they should be celebrating and why through your white privilege. A lot of unmitigated nerve. You don’t get to tell any black person how to celebrate our month. Tone deaf and insulting.

    1. Black History Month was intended to showcase black achievements under the argument that they were under-reported in most history classes and texts. It was a source of encouragement and black empowerment.
      If you, the NEA, and whoever else want a Black Victim Month as a source of black discouragement and dis-empowerment, I certainly wouldn’t deny you that, but don’t dishonor your predecessors by destroying a good thing.

    2. Matt–Kinda like you Yankee Lefties telling Southerners the new-found “truth” of the War Between the States, huh? Now THAT is “privilege”, and “a lot of unmitigated nerve”.

      1. Gee, you’re upset that the Confederacy lost the Civil War? Only the most deluded Southerns think the war wasn’t about slavery. The South rightly lost the war which ended slavery. I lived in the south and your “privilege” is why Jim Crow was the way you kept blacks down still.

  3. The NEA is about one thing, expanding its enrollment i.e. the number of teachers. They don’t care about students or the student experience. If they did, they’d welcome competition (school choice), the breakup of the public education monopoly, merit-based pay/promotion/tenure, and innovative business models in education. The NEA fights charter schools and alternatives to public education in places like Detroit, a majority-minority community where 50% of the population is functionally illiterate. I’m not a fan of Chris Christy, but he did a great job exposing the teacher’s union as a bunch of spoiled brats and got them to admit publicly that they believe students in impoverished areas should be stuck in bad schools, effectively school segregation by zip code. The NEA is an expert at playing the victim card i.e. teachers are underpaid, which is false, and are using Black History Month to fire up their far-left supporters and agitate government leaders in the hopes of bettering their negotiation position. Maybe they should start advocating for minority students, it would be a great way to celebrate Black History Month…just a thought.

  4. No, you’re the problem. Who appointed you the arbiter of Black history? No one. It’s comical that you think you know black history. How long did it take you to Google those factoids about very prominent African Americans? A few minutes. You then proceed to lecture us about our history. Both Madam C.J. Walker and Hiram Rhodes Revels have been part of Black History Month for years. You’re embarrassing yourself with your half-baked screed you wrote about a painful and complex history you know next to nothing.

    1. So, tell me what blacks expect that ALL people don’t want? Good jobs, good education, fair laws and enforcement? Need more? Why doesn’t education strive to unite instead of divide? Promoting socialism destroys opportunity for all. Everybody has complex and painful history dude. Successful people overcome it, they don’t dwell on victim-hood.

    1. O. K. Ham and Beans come and tell me to my face that I’m not Black. None of you are black on this forum least of all Ms. Benjamin. Neither she or any of you get to tell any black person how to celebrate Black History Month.

      You go on and on about education in your screed, but you debase that education you say people should have. You can’t have both ways. Everyone has a painful history? Said by someone who has specialized in her own victimhood repeatedly. Tell me, how many times have you stated on this blog that you’re a “slave”? That’s incredibly racist coming from a white women. If you were as half as “successful” as you stated, you wouldn’t be writing this garbage.

      1. Matt, I have relatives that died for fighting to free people from slavery. I will not let you, and I don’t give a bump on a pickle what you think. How about if we start a White History Month, or how about a White Caucus in our Congress? Or how about a Native American History Month? We people today are not going to apologize to you or pay you any amount of money for fighting to free the Blacks. But I do encourage Black people to become active in civic duties and be involved in directing our great Country. This is America and this is the American way.

  5. Hey Matt, you don’t get to tell people how we should celebrate this farce now pushed by the NEA. Practice what you preach. Oh I forgot you are a liberal joke and don’t have to hold yourself to any standards except everything you do is right. Anything anybody else does has to be wrong.

    1. Well Mediahost you and Ms. Benjamin would last exactly 5 minutes in a typical classroom as teachers. Neither of you have a clue how to teach anything much less the history of this country’s African Americans. You’d be laughed out of the class room by students who know when teachers don’t know squat. Black History Month is a farce? Speak for your own white ass. You constantly bash an education with some of the most ignorant worthless opinions posted on anywhere on the internet.

      BTW, NEA Black caucus has a lot of input into Black History Month. So yes, they’re black.

      1. I come from a family of teachers and you haven’t a clue. Based on your comments I imagine that comes from spending very little time in a classroom. Why don’t you, Tari and your friends get back under that bridge before it gets dark. By the way my WHITE Ass as you put it is racist and hate speech.

  6. “The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state”.
    Thomas Sowell

    Matt, it is people like YOU that propagated and continue to propagate the shameless war on not only Black people/AAs but any other group you CLAIM to want to “take care of” – it is YOUR insistence that they need your help that is a huge part of the problem – there is NOTHING more insidious than the bigotry of lowered expectations.

  7. Matt Range doesn’t realize he is a useful idiot and has been duped. In 2008 the overwhelming majority of Americans viewed the United States as a post racial society. Barack Obama in 2008 ran as a uniter and won the Presidency. This was a great opportunity to unite the country.
    However. For his 2012 re-election Obama squandered that opportunity when he realized it would help him politically to divide the country along racial lines. It was self serving an d a betrayal of his 2008 election.
    Matt may havr come of age during this time frame and unknowingly became prey to the politics of tacial division.. Matt simply doesn’t know any better.

    1. Matt simply doesn’t know any better.

      And this is unfortunately the case with not just him but many others like him.

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