Zoning changes aren’t going away

By:  Diane Benjamin

The proposed zoning changes will be before the Bloomington City Council soon.  Everybody claims it isn’t form based code which takes away your right to do with your property what is in your best interest.

This is a link to what is proposed:  http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=20438

It 246 pages of gibberish you will only find out about after it passes and you aren’t in compliance.

Just for fun, I counted how many times the words Form, Uniform, and Conform are used.  I think I got to 72.

But it isn’t Form Based Code.  Sure.

Your rights are slipping away.  Back to sleep now.


10 thoughts on “Zoning changes aren’t going away

  1. This makes me want to turn that old refrigerator I have into a fountain of some sort for the front yard. Part fountain and part live bait storage to make some extra money. Yes I have lots of entrepreneurial type ideas for regular people to make some extra money. Junk cars in the street in the front of your house can be homeless shelters or you can rent them our as discount AirBBs! Junk cars can also act as protection from the growing numbers of Homies busting caps in your neighborhood! As State Farm and ISU continue to be disrupted, ideas like this will begin to gain traction among Blono residents. Come on Tari – we are entrepreneurs just trying to bring home some bacon – we don’t have high paying for doing nothing university department head jobs like you. We actually have to work for our money!

      1. Maybe Normal can poach the businesses from Bloomington? (After providing a few million in tax incentives, of course…)

  2. If I remember correctly the owner of Muggsies tried fighting. Apparently his belief in freedom was shot down….freedom is absolutely not allowed in BloNo unless you sell your soul.

  3. Sounds EXACTLY like one of old “BOSS TWEEDS” bell ringer “amendments”! Whenever he wanted to “shake down” the local business people, he’d come up with some dumb blonde ideal like this! One that I ALWAYS liked was widening 5th Avenue 5 feet on each side, so you HAVE to move your business to be in compliance. MAYBE ole Rainbow boy learned THIS in his Political textbook? What say Tari??
    Damned the streets, broken axle full speed ahead!
    Keep the door on the FRIDGE Lawrence, and you could open a ICE CREAM stand, just get ZONING! OH, and REGISTER your BUSINESS!!!

  4. No new businesses are entering Bloomington (except the turnstile of restaurants). This code will ensure that no outside businesses even consider relocating to Bloomington, and further isolate the city from the existing business community (with the exception of those that get something from government). Current business owners are demographically aging toward retirement and/or are getting closer and closer to throwing in the towel. No one is beating down the door to replace them. I suspect many, if not most, businesses that get code-ed out or are offered eminent domain will sign on the dotted line and tap out.

  5. Anything like this that is 246 pages long, is never good for us peasants. The only thing to anticipate is how long will it be before “YOU” do something wrong so they can ruin you or fleece you. I read some of it, the gibberish then became too tedious, and they plan it that way, of course even if one read it all ans even understood it completely, it still wouldn’t matter, because once these people get an inch, the miles soon come – Nudge….It’s how they operate, and they have already established themselves so deeply here, I believe it will take nothing short of a miracle to remove them.

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