Taxes never sunset

By:  Diane Benjamin

City Manager Tim Gleason has mentioned to Council could pass increasing the Gas Tax with a sunset date.  History shows the Council will cancel any sunset clause.

I found this while looking for something else:   PDF page 9

The Council not only cancelled the .25% sunset in 2014, in 2015 they raised the Home Rule Sales Tax 1%.

There isn’t ever going to be enough money for the City of Bloomington.  They are not capable of living within their means because they don’t have to.  Your wallet is theirs.  More on that next.  Don’t expect a decrease when the BCPA is paid off!

Remember when you were told the Coliseum would never cost you a cent?

If the priorities of the City aligned with what citizens expect government to do, road funding would be a priority – not funded only if you pay more.


2 thoughts on “Taxes never sunset

  1. I’ve never seen a temporary tax that was just that…temporary. The sun is setting on Bloomington, not its taxes. Businesses and workers are fleeing and nothing is coming in to take their place. Renner and Gleason are like the Monopoly player that has mortgaged all his properties, made bad trades just to raise some money in the hopes of making it safely around the board and passing go to collect $200. The City is one recession away from devastating economic disaster.

  2. Bloomington math!
    —————————————————– = MORE TAXES
    Taxpayers Income

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