Tari doesn’t represent you? Send him a message!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Ward 8 has 2 candidates to pick from:

Crabill has extreme leftists ideas which will lead to you paying more taxes.  He believes in the collective – as long as he gets to define what that means.

Crabill thinks corporations should pay higher taxes.  He doesn’t understand the taxes paid by corporations are built into their prices – meaning you pay more for things you buy when corporate tax rates increase.

Crabill wants the Welcoming Ordinance, laws are immaterial.

You get the idea.

This is Tari’s house:

This is a Crabill sign:

This is a Crabill sign in Tari’s yard:

Want to tell Tari you don’t support his policies?

Easy.  You and all your neighbors in Ward 8 need to vote for Travis Wilson.

He won’t be able to serve, but neither will Crabill.

19 thoughts on “Tari doesn’t represent you? Send him a message!

  1. is there a conservative candidate in ward 8 that could be a write in, so Tari doent just put himin after?

    1. Unfortunately Illinois’ incumbency-protection laws required any write-in candidates to declare themselves back in January.
      On a related note, please tell any Normal people you know to write in Karl Sila.

  2. King Tari is setting up HIS candidates to win. My guess is IWU students will be out in droves to vote. They may not be eligible to vote and not live in the Wards but I’m sure Tari has worked that out.

  3. Sure hope his house doesn’t get vandalized, robbed or worse attacked…..blood will be on your hands.

      1. Exactly what I was going to say – it’s the LEFT that attacks, vandalizes, destroys, taunts, etc etc and it is THEY who throw tantrums, not the people on the Right. The left just makes up stories and hoaxes saying otherwise.

    1. Those types of acts are committed by liberal, leftist, lunatics. And in many instances, paid to commit such crimes!

      1. I just said basically the same thing – Everyone who still has the ability to see reality knows that’s the real truth of the matter.

  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2017/08/21/which-ideology-has-inspired-the-most-murders-in-terrorist-attacks-on-u-s-soil/#5b4e7b841e74
    “Nationalist and Right Wing terrorists are the second deadliest group by ideology, as they account for 6.6% of all terrorist murders during this time. The 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the second deadliest terrorist attack in U.S. history, killed 168 people and accounted for 77% of all the murders committed by Nationalist and Right Wing terrorists. The chance of being murdered in a Nationalist or Right Wing terrorist attack was about 1 in 33 million per year.”
    “Left Wing terrorists killed only 23 people in terrorist attacks during this time, about 0.7% of the total number of murders, but 13 since the beginning of 2016. Nationalist and Right Wing terrorists have only killed five since then, including Charlottesville. Regardless, the annual chance of being murdered by a Left Wing terrorist was about 1 in 330 million per year.”

    1. It’s called “cherry picking” and entering into the research with an already established agenda and desired outcome. It’s a common tactic but it has become standard operating procedure for those on the left – sort of how they used to LOVE to cite snopes as some sort of indisputable “fact check” lol lol – but snopes was finally exposed so they haven’t been so keen on using snopes lately. (Politico is also being exposed as firmly left leaning which destroys their credibility as well as a “fact checker”) When one is able to use a mass killing as part of the entire group of causalities, it will always skew the results toward whatever persons or groups who perpetrated that attack. Being able to use the Oklahoma bombing, done by a marginalized crazy and a couple cohorts who did not identify as socialists or leftists served that purpose well.

  5. I did send him a message, Diane…I moved out of Bloomington. The sad reality is that more and more people are voting against Tari and his far-left machine by leaving town. Pretty soon it will just be a far-left “utopian” enclave living off the wealth created by State Farm…until State Farm is gone.

  6. So, apparently I’m the troll for providing facts! Thought the conversation was related to current day! (Source material provided from Right Leaning individual) Got It!

  7. If a person would go door to door on the weekend before an election and ask people to vote for her or him that person could stand a chance in the Bloomington election.
    Not volunteers’ boots on the ground, but the candidate’s boots on the ground.

  8. I have a message for Tari. It’s 2 words, and one of them needs to be “bleeped.” The direction this town and this state are going is literally sickening. We have many friends here who we love dearly, but we are very strongly considering leaving Illinois. Just can’t support anything about it anymore.

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