Atlanta: What you need to know before voting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Did you know…

In the Library Trustee’s “FAQ’s”, they state the liquor commission “…confirmed that the district does not violate any state liquor law by offering complimentary wine.” Will they provide documentation to that effect? Probably not.

A FOIA sent to the Illinois Liquor Commission requesting all documents and findings pertaining to the investigation of APLD, Trustees and employees did NOT return that information. In fact, the Illinois Liquor Commission may investigate, but only take actions on liquor license holders. Without a liquor license, the liquor commission may NOT take any actions. What the liquor commission DID do was recommend to board President, Mr. Brooks, that the Library talk to their attorney or the City’s attorney “…about obtaining the proper licenses and permits required to host events. Furthermore, under the Complaint Resolution prepared by the investigator, the investigator does not end the investigation, he transferred it to other agencies, namely Atlanta’s Mayor, who is Liquor Commissioner for Atlanta, and the Atlanta Police Department.

The Trustees admit they violated city code by consuming alcohol on public property and have started requesting special permits from the city. Why the mayor and police chief chose not to act on ALL the previous violations is a question you will have to ask them.   Proof:  Alcohol docs

Did you know…

The Library Trustees in their “FAQ’s” state, “It is important to know that the Library district does not seek to hide information.” So why did the Trustees pay an attorney to research FOIA exemptions and write a written analysis?

What information was so important to keep hidden that the Trustees were willing to pay $600?   Proof:  FOIA exemptions doc

Did you know…

In the “FAQ’s” from the Library Trustees they state, “In 2014, the District secured a 20-year loan…at an interest rate of four percent.”

On 8/26/14 the Library Trustees borrowed $188,320.88, the loan document states:

    • 4 annual payments of $13,900.00 beginning 08-01-15 and 1 balloon payment of $167,152.80 on 08/01/2019
    • Post maturity (08/01/2019) rate jumps to 15% – not 4%

This is NOT a 20-year loan and the Trustees have NOT approved a loan modification or a new loan.   Proof:  Loan Doc

Why are elected officials not answering questions publicly? Why must we call or meet privately with an elected official or employee to have a question answered? Shouldn’t everyone in the community have access to the same answer? Why will they not go “on the record” with their answer?

Any answer may be given in an informal setting and public officials/employees may provide different answers independently without supporting documents. For accuracy, either a FOIA or answers in an open forum are required to protect both parties.









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