Update #2: UPDATE: Act now – witness slips needed

The democrats had threatened to cancel hearings on these two bills.  Evidently they didn’t.  The Witness Slips are overwhelmingly opposed.  Will the Democrats listen?

HB 2495HB2467



The rag has a story on these bills in the paper today.  The print edition article is titled:  Illinois Abortion Bill Likely To Pass.  The on-line story has a different title:   Heated Battle, Likely Passage Ahead For Abortion Bill   https://www.pantagraph.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/heated-battle-likely-passage-ahead-for-abortion-bill/article_1107a0cc-f6f3-55e8-b3d0-c288842cc4b1.html

In the latest reason to ignore main stream media, this story is by the new News Service media around the state hired so they don’t have to cover Springfield.  The story has around 15 paragraphs, it isn’t until the second to the last paragraph it says what appalls even people who believe in abortion.  Partial birth abortion is murdering a viable baby and is never medically necessary.  Even many pro-choice people don’t believe in government doing medical procedures on their daughters without their knowledge, kids can’t even take an aspirin at school!  This is the paragraph:


Please keep sharing the links below.  People opposed to these two laws FAR out way the number of supporters.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Followup to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/02/27/illinois-bills-to-kill-more-babies/

Extreme abortion bills (HB 2495 and HB 2467) are now in committee.  Anyone over 13 in Illinois can file “witness slips” to express opposition to these inhumane bills.  These terrible bills allow partial-birth abortion, allow clinics to hide a minor’s abortion from her parents, etc.  Learn about the parade of shocking provisions contained in these bills here.

We have a short window to submit these witness slips.  It takes less than five minutes. Representatives use these witness slips as a measure of public opinion.  Witness slips are important.

You, your family, and your friends can help stop these backward bills by taking these easy steps (must be over 13 yrs old):
• Open the link for HB2495 here
• Fill in your information.  Put “Self” in three fields:
○ Firm/Business
○ Title
○ Persons, groups firms represented in this appearance
• Under Position, click OPPONENT
• Under Testimony, click “Record Of Appearance Only”
• Click “I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement”
• Click button Create(Slip)
• Open the link for HB2467 here and repeat!
Please forward to your friends that will be appalled by the Democrat Party abortion plans for Illinois!
Eric Rankin:  I dare you to post this on Facebook and ask for support for these two bills. 
(unless you want to prove how radical the local democrats are)

5 thoughts on “Update #2: UPDATE: Act now – witness slips needed

  1. Must be over 13? Yes I do know about the facts of life, but 13 is not 18, and at least at that age you have had a chance at at least get a high school education. Over 13’s will be instructed what to do, not necessarily their true beliefs. I also think late term abortion, just to get one because someone decides too, is totally wrong, without question. Yes I have a daughter and a seventeen year old granddaughter. My granddaughter will graduate this spring from High School and I do agree she would have most all the facts to make up her own mind.


    1. Dawson, you should be in my home. My teenager is able to think for herself and knows that killing babies is wrong and yes she has filed a witness slip. This isn’t rocket science we’re teaching our kids. She can’t even get her ears pierced or get a tattoo without my permission. If our kids can’t figure out for themselves that murdering babies is wrong, then it’s up to us as parents to teach them. If we don’t we can send them to ISU and they’ll learn from Erik Rankin. Or, worse yet, Tari Renner at IWU.

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  2. Thank you so very much for this information about the Witness Slips. I had no idea they existed. I immediately forwarded the informaiton to 20 of my friends and asked them to share it!!

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