Arena Events finally posted

By: Diane Benjamin

The missing event reports from Grossinger Motors Arena have finally been posted. Details here:

Last year the Bacon and Beer Fest made a profit of $ 12,230.53. 1319 people attended.

This year the event was held earlier in the day, attendance dropped to 1166, profit dropped to $ 8,037.07.

The report for the Kane Brown concert claims it was sold out. It did make money:

Even though both reports are late, they did finally get around to posting them. One would think good news would be on time.


6 thoughts on “Arena Events finally posted

  1. That’s a really high food and beverage cost for hot dogs, soda, and popcorn. Even if you add in artist needs, still really high costs.


  2. Taking a look at their reports for some of their bigger country acts and other events, their extra advertising does not really pay off. Also, having really big acts not on Friday or Saturday night really impacts their attendance, but that is common sense. They were expecting a sellout for Brad Paisley last year, but the event was on a Thursday in the winter. They also had a heck of a lot bigger expenses for production and catering. The extra $9,000 in catering, $7,000 in production, and $22,000 in advertising for Brad Paisley over Cole Swindell was a big reason that show flopped.

    With now having no sports, we’ll see if the ability to attract bigger events using those dates will help. I doubt it as it does not appear VenuWorks is able to bring in more than 1-2 big name events per year. Bringing in Old Dominion should be a good concert, but it’s a horrible time at 7:30 PM on a Sunday night. Actually, it doesn’t look like any of their upcoming concerts are on Fri or Sat.

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  3. B-N is just a stop over concert for big name acts. They basically only stop here on weekdays on their way to weekend shows in Indy, Chicago or St. Louis. Matejka and the rest of the fools who voted for the Coliseum were too blinded by their own greed to see the facts.

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  4. Diane, I rarely disagree with you, but I don’t think there will EVER be ANY good news out of the Arena, unless it has Arena and WRECKING BALL in the same sentence..


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