Bloomington Fleeces Monday night:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Agenda and Documentation for Council 3/25/19

PDF page 33 authorizes $69,467.22 for repairs to the City’s only working Water Tower.  Notice how nobody ever mentions the other one in Normal that was built too short?  It was only used briefly.  Add that to the never used fire station, pensions spiking, Quality of Life as defined by them, not the lives affected, etc. etc. etc.  Understand “Limited Government” yet?

PDF page 152 gives video gaming licenses to the Knights of Columbus.

PDF page 155 gives the City Manager the right to settle Work comp claims without Council approval up to $100,000.  Why have a Council?

PDF page 169 authorizes charging up to $500 in licensing fees for every video machine.  The City thinks they can steal another $125,000 from local business.

PDF page 175 – Increase the Motor Fuel Tax another $.04.  When the Feds and the State get done taxing fuel, fewer people will be able to afford to drive.  If you think raising Motor Fuel Taxes is because they have no choice, keep living in your dream world.

This is a slap in the face to taxpayers.  The City has excess reserves.  They are hiding what they plan to do with it instead of fixing the roads as promised over and over and over.  None of the Council campaigned telling you the roads will get fixed, but you have to pay more for it.


This is what they can spend Motor Fuel Taxes on – roads isn’t the only thing:


If you haven’t signed the petition yet to stop the gas tax, sign it here:  Stop the $.04 gas tax

More people have signed than voted for some of the aldermen!

PDF page 178 says where some of the reserves will be spent:  Instead of borrowing money for the Zoo, the City will use the reserves and pay cash.

This is Quality of Life as defined by government, meanwhile the Quality of Life for drivers and taxpayers sucks.

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  1. Give me life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on my own. This quality of life terminology is a bunch of manufactured p.c. crap!

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