I wonder if Tari will show up?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The people wanting accountability from Connect Transit aren’t going away.  They will be at Tari’s Open House on Friday:



Join riders, advocates, and concerned community members as we call on Mayor Renner to choose rider representation over favoritism on the Connect Transit Board!

With two seats vacating on the Connect Transit board, riders are calling on Mayor Renner to appoint two transit reliant residents to the board, with at least one being reliant on paratransit. In response to our call for rider representation. Mayor Renner told the Pantagraph that he was sticking with his plans to appoint his political allies, instead.


Connect Transit is moving forward with service cuts and rate hikes while stacking up consecutive years of budget surplus (totaling over $8 million) to fund extravagant plans for the development of a downtown multi-use transfer station. Meanwhile rampant violations of federal ADA accessibility standards are going largely unaddressed, and the award winning transit system our community used to depend on is being scrapped in favor of the development of a flashy, multi-use transfer station that has become the darling of the local political and social establishment.

This is a critical moment for the rights of people with disabilities, and all who rely on transit as a lifeline. Whether it be you, a friend or family member, or your favorite cashier or friendly face at the coffee shop: transit brings our community together. JOIN US!

This comment was made on the Facebook post:
Yesterday I was in downtown Bloomington.  Besides Front St, Main has been resurfaced from Front to where is merges with East Street.
I watched three buses park in Front of the Law and Justice Center.  8 people got off one bus, 4 each got off the other two.  Of those, only two people transferred to another bus.  A few people were waiting to board the buses – 1 to 2 each.
Another bus turned on to Front later.  The destination sign on top said “Out of Service”.  It had one passenger.
A multi-million dollar transfer site could easily be downgraded – along with the size of the buses.

If Tari does attend, this meeting could get interesting.

Attend if you can to support the people being hurt by the current policies.

10 thoughts on “I wonder if Tari will show up?

  1. Wonder if Justin takes Connect Transit to meet with his clients. It is after all why young professionals will relocate here….so I’m told. Perhaps, he can leave his gas guzzler (with mugshot wrap job) parked in the Downtown. Perhaps Amelia can use her legal acumen to solve the ADA compliance issues. Overall, it’s great to see that the true patrons of Connect Transit, those in need and without options, speaking up and endeavoring to hold to account the local politicians that are using them as pawns in order to reward political operatives and cronies. Disgusting!

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      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran for an elected judge position. She isn’t qualified but I can see her wanting to acquire a judicial pension.


  2. Surplus? The need to pay Normal and Bloomington that money. $10,000,000 a year from the taxpayers of both towns is highway robbery. If Connect Transit had amassed a surplus, then the taxpaying citizens of both towns want it back so our roads can be resurfaced.

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  3. This transportation center is the “Bellwether”. Not my words….it was one of Tari’s Campaign runners words.

    Bellwether – the leading SHEEP of a flock with a bell on its neck. Also an indicator of things to come.

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  4. Now that Tari knows that people are coming to protest his choices,he probably will have a Bloomington Police officer on hand to keep the “mob” under control and restrict their first amendment .


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