Media and the Lake Bloomington Fire

By:  Diane Benjamin

The fire at a City owed building at Lake Bloomington was on March 10th.  Below is one of the emails I received by FOIA:

media fire

Another email identified Mr. Penn as John Penn.  I wonder if he is still waiting for the Pantagraph to report the fire?

Just so you have a small understand of how big this fire was, see this email:

bldg value

That $515,000 is only the building.  The value of the contents is much higher, then of course the building has to be rebuilt.

So, why did the media ignore the story?

12 thoughts on “Media and the Lake Bloomington Fire

  1. So, why did the media ignore the story?

    Answer A. Because it would make the city look bad.
    Answer B. Because a high level city employee would get in trouble
    Answer C. Because the Pantagraph and WJBC are FAKE NEW???
    Answer D. All of the above

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  2. The equipment could be replaced. Did the burned files contain information concerning property rights regarding Lake Bloomington ? Too many things are covered up by too many people in this
    city government. I smell a rat, no I smell a whole nest of rats. Where is the Illinois A.G. ? What else
    is the local media hiding ? And why? Mr. Mayor, your comments on this fire would be very much appreciated including why this fire was kept out of the public domain.


  3. It would not be the 1st time that a pyromaniac offspring of a public official caused multiple fires in the
    Lake Bloomington-Hudson area. Check your history from 40 some years ago.


  4. Files? What files? That will be Tari’s response. The paper I am guessing was all the information that Diane B has been trying to get under FOIA. Things like illegal closed meetings, just how much debt the taxpayers are really stuck with, Coliseum evidence,the info destroyed could be anything! You all have heard that phrase: ” Fire is cleansing” In Bloomington’s case fire is potential cover your ass.


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