Fire pics and rules don’t matter

By:  Diane Benjamin

It doesn’t do any good to impose spending limits on employees when it’s so easy to get around the rules.  The employee below sounds like he is re-ordering signs that were  recently made.  It worked the first time, so do it again.

Darter over 3000

Last night a reader added links to pictures of the Lake Bloomington fire from Facebook.

If you aren’t on Facebook you probably can’t see them, so here they are.  I haven’t found any pictures of the fire or aftermath in my FOIA request yet.

Bob Freitag posted the fire, Jan Brandt posted the other three.


9 thoughts on “Fire pics and rules don’t matter

  1. Basic metal/wood-framed, metal-clad building and they can’t find the source of the fire? Little to no media coverage? Something indeed smells here.


  2. There went about 500,000 tax dollars up in smoke. Did you FOIA some information that was stored there Diane?


  3. three thousand for signs and stickers? gee am I in the wrong business. i can do it much cheaper. just need a sharpie marker and a piece of cardboard.


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