How much did the fire cost?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I still haven’t seen any media coverage of the fire at Lake Bloomington.  That would make sense if the loss was inconsequential, but it wasn’t:

total loss

Source:  Fire Inventory by Category

Note:  The above document contains $6,300 for personal items.

The worksheet does not include replacing the building.

The City paid $11,500 to have the debris cleaned up  PW 1C CONTRACT Lake Parks Maintenance Building Removal 04022019

My FOIA contained at total of 210 files.   The amount of work involved replacing everything that was lost was overwhelming.  I would have to file more FOIA requests to find out how much insurance covered and what has been done to replace the building.

Below are the previous stories about the fire.







One thought on “How much did the fire cost?

  1. This fire, the arena, the bus company, the old Consistory, the three hundred commissions.
    Bloomington is becoming a circus. The Council, City Manager and mayor should all climb out of a Volkswagen for the meetings. They have clowns. All they need now is a midget and a tattooed lady. Whoa, wait a minute…

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