Pride comes before the fall

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yes, during a City Council meeting in both cities:


Segments of government have been trying to remove religion from society for many decades.  Remember what the wall says at the History Museum?


Your religious beliefs are to be kept in church, not in public.  Freedom of Religion is disappearing rapidly, it no longer matters that mostly Christians settled this country because they were not allowed to practice their faith where they came from.  Religion wasn’t enshrined in the Constitution by accident.  It is also not an accident that America has been blessed because of it.

Keep this in mind:

The people that want to force violations of thousand of years old religious principles aren’t our enemy.

They are the enemy of God.

Christians are called to love one another as Christ as loved us.  We wish no one any ill will or discrimination for anyone.

The same feelings do not apply to us.  Both Councils need to drop the Pledge of Allegiance since they obviously despise:  One nation under God.

If you don’t want to participate in this assault on your beliefs but want to attend either City Council meeting, show up late.

God’s enemies will not be held blameless.  Revenge is not our job, praying for them is.



7 thoughts on “Pride comes before the fall

  1. We’ve gone full blown satanism in our once great state over this past week. Legalized Marijuana and sports gambling, Abortions on demand, legislators getting raises, money to build casinos but not churches? What a hellscape. I don’t know if I can pray for this state anymore. If only we had godly politicians like Roy Moore, Steve King, Matt Gaetz, Larry Craig and other good conservatives.

    Just remember the wise words of Jesus and Q.


  2. Like the speech/subject matter or not, it is protected under the First Amendment. Too bad the supporters of this group harass downtown business owner’s for exercising their First Amendment rights.

  3. Ugh tonight’s meeting is going to be so annoying with these people there. I have absolutely no issue with the gay community, but what I can’t stand is their beliefs constantly being thrown in my face. You want to be gay? Great, but I really don’t need to hear about it all the time. I don’t force my beliefs on anyone and I would more then appreciate it if they didn’t try to force it on me.

    1. Stop picking your nose. I recently heard a response of sorts to the whole ‘shoving our agenda down your thoat’ issue. Stop picking your nose! Select some bad behavior that is pretty much universally acknowledged as bad. I said, Stop Picking Your Nose! Anyway, one should respond repeatedly with admonishments to whomever to stop whatever until they complain that they aren’t doing that and ask why you keep repeating it. And please, stop picking your nose. Then explain that you aren’t (homophobic, racist, or whatever else) but it gets Really irritating to be told over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to stop doing what you were never doing in the first place. But can you please stop picking your nose until I finish? Yes, gays and blacks and whomever else are all people too. 99% of people are already fine with that – what they object to is the beating of a dead horse well past the point where it isn’t even recognizable as an animal.
      And you picking your nose.

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