WOW! Bill Brady exposed

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before I get to Billy, did you know Robert Brady Sr filed bankruptcy?   This discharge report lists everyone who got taken by Brady:  Brady Discharge – with creditor list

What’s Billy up to?  Every wonder how politicians earn a paycheck and somehow end up rich after they have been in office awhile?


As late as April 29, Brady failed to disclose his financial interests with Midwest Electronic Gaming LLC in a “Statement of Economic Interest” filed with the Secretary of State’s office on that date.

Brady “lists Brady Ventures but not Midwest on his legislative statements of economic interests,” according to a May 28 ProPublica Illinois/WBEZ story that first revealed Brady’s gaming interests. “That’s because payments to Brady from Midwest go through Brady Ventures and are not made to him directly.”

The story also said that Brady is “listed in internal gaming board records as a ‘person with significant influence or control,’ or PSIC, for Midwest Electronics Gaming, one of the state’s largest video gambling companies. Brady’s designation as a PSIC means he receives a percentage of the proceeds from video slot and poker machines under a revenue-sharing agreement with Midwest.”

The story showed that not just Brady but Chicago Democrat Antonio Muñoz, the Senate assistant majority leader, will profit from the gaming expansion, if Pritzker, as expected, signs the bill into law.

Brady voted “present” when the bill came to the Senate floor on Sunday, a week after the ProPublica article appeared.

The Chicago Tribune, in a June 3 opinion piece, called for an investigation into Brady’s role as a legislative leader and his financial ties to the industry.

“So how does a member of Senate leadership, someone who at various times sat on at least two legislative committees overlapping with the gambling industry, slide into a role where he’s profiting handsomely? That’s a question deserving of a review by the state’s legislative inspector general.”

Read the whole story:

Will the local press report on their “golden boy”?



7 thoughts on “WOW! Bill Brady exposed

  1. His brothers, his wife and his mom are on this list. Weird. So are they living in a little ranch house or bungalow now? Are they still members at BCC? Bet they wish they hadn’t taken that trip to Italy. 🙄

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  2. In any other state he would be (as Mr. T puts it) DEAD MEAT. Not so much from the bankruptcy but from the gambling industry conflict. But in Illinois business as usual, just smoke no fire unfortunately. On bankruptcy filings don’t they normally list total assets and debts numerically as well

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  3. Wealthy? You should have seen his daughters lavish wedding in Chicago. Apparently Bloomington is too low class for them. The city that has supported him all these years is too small time.

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      1. If there was any doubt in my mind about who Bill Brady really is, it disappeared the day I saw those pictures. Chicago, Ground zero for Communists, is their preferred location. Forget about the fact that this is their hometown.


  4. I longed felt that governor wasn’t exactly the last political stop that both Bill’s had in mind. Like JB, the real prize was Pennsylvania Avenue. Laugh if you must, but these are people with tremendously huge egos that think very highly of themselves. The business has, is and was struggling for a very long time. I had heard the Chapter was taken more than once but……? Like the people referenced in this blog often, the Brady’s have been members in good standing in the BN Name Game Club which includes both political parties. They talk and meet often among themselves but you and I just don’t see it. There are plenty of Billy in town just like Billy, plenty.

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