UPDATE:  Tari on Connect Transit (WJBC)

Audio below 

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington’s mayor is having a bad couple of weeks.  Tari was on WJBC this morning talking about his Clarence Thomas comment, of course social media is to blame.  The WJBC reporter who was at the meeting asked Tari for a comment but he refused.  Howard Packowitz should have included it in a story.  If I remember right, neither WJBC or the Pantagraph did stories on that meeting even though both had reporters there.

Connect Transit took up most of the interview.  Tari is not going to attempt to appoint Amelia Buragas and Justin Boyd because he claims the Council will not vote to appoint them.   He also claimed the current board members will just keep serving.  Tari has no plans to comprise by appointing a representative Citizens to Ensure Fair Transit would agree with.

The host,  Scott Miller, wants the problems solved instead of hearing about Connect Transit over and over and over.  Katherine Murphy mentioned the huge buses with 2-3 people on them.  Tari doesn’t care.  He thinks companies will move here because of the great transit system.  He claims the City has a 10-year plan to make all stops ADA compliant.

(Insert your own joke.)

Here’s something maybe Tari can understand:

Connect Transit isn’t the “Right Fit” for Blm-Normal

We aren’t Chicago.  Mass numbers of people will never ride the bus.  The current routes, bus sizes, and fare increases are not serving the people who MUST use the bus.  The Connect Transit Board is promoting the massive waste of taxpayer dollars!

The inflated numbers of riders are beyond ridiculous.  People aren’t blind, the buses are empty.

Tari claims Armageddon will occur if the Council doesn’t approve Connect’s budget.  Normal has a meeting on Monday, how about they reject Connect’s budget – then you have two weeks to fix it.

If Tari Renner and Chris Koos cared about fiscal responsibility and providing services the people need and want, Connect Transit wouldn’t be an issue.

They don’t – so say hello to solar panels and huge electric buses.

I hope there is a podcast.  I will add it if there is.



12 thoughts on “UPDATE:  Tari on Connect Transit (WJBC)

  1. As somebody who drives for Uber, I see empty bosses all day long. Just last night stopped at main and college 2 buses crossed the street in front of me. There were 0 passengers on one bus and two on the other bus. The only bus that is ever fall is the red bird express during the school year. You could pay to give all those riders Uber rides and it still wouldn’t even come close to the cost of connect transit.

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  2. IF Tari WANTS a sprawling urban environment where the busses WOULD be FULL, then WHY DON’T HE MOVE THERE! Say, San Francisco, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, etc.. He could take his “associates” with him for “consulting purposes”!

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  3. It doesn’t bother either Mayor if only 2 or 3 are riding a huge bus because these Mayors do not think about success and Capitalism they are both dyed in the wool Socialists for failure that is the Saul Alinsky agenda! As long as only 10% or less come out to vote both towns are screwed with this kind of city leadership. Heck it wouldn’t surprise me if Jenn Carrillo runs for Mayor and wins with the Chicago support that she has even then the public so indoctrinated into sports probably wouldn’t notice!!!


    1. Alinsky has been dead since 1972, Why anyone would bring his name up is beyond me. Lack of critical thinking probably. I bet anything neither Chuck or Diane have read anything he wrote. It must be a Pavlov’s effect. Mention socialism eureka, Alinsky’s name pops up. He has nothing to do with anything but his very name is look under your bed scary.

      Socialism has failed? It’s truly wonderful all those roads that were built by you Chuck and Diane with your little bare hands. Ditto, the many things that we as a society do for the benefit of everyone. Socialism strikes again. we have police and firemen to protect us oh, the horror. I’m glad that you are all experts on mass transit in a mid sized city. But you’re not, you just like to complain.

      The fact is that no one here could run for office win and actually manage anything beyond dog catcher.


      1. You know that you’re dealing with an intellectual lightweight when they describe public goods like roads or police departments and socialism. In fact, those things exist to enable or protect capitalism

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  4. How is it sustainable Mr. Mayor(s) with so few people riding those buses? HOW? Wow! Talk about the abuse of wasted resources and stress on the carbon foot print. Geesh didn’t these foools do their climax change homework? Fail, fail, fail !!! Their grade school teachers are rolling in their graves.

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  5. For one it’s not a VPN at all it’s normal everyday internet. Two just because I point out the obvious doesn’t make me wrong and you right. Public goods like road and police and fire ARE socialism. It’s the very meaning of the word and function of socialism, government acting for the good of society. Marxism? Again get back to me when you actually understand what “Marxism” is as a policy. Also if you didn’t write about Connect Transit, Renner and two year old lunch receipts from District 87 ad nauseam you’d have nothing to write about at all.


      1. Since you are a clueless liar and now in Vienna, your comment has been deleted. UK yesterday, Kentucky earlier today, and now Austria! Amazing.


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