District 87: July was FOOD month

By:  Diane Benjamin

Received by FOIA:  08-2017

ecl and tumb

The Walmart charges are for 48 of these, no mention of who is using them or why they were bought separately.

tumb1 The other highlighted items are for eclipse glasses.  

All of the below are food receipts – some not itemized.  Legally, all receipts must state the purpose of the food, who charged it, and it must be itemized.  Most of these don’t comply.


12 thoughts on “District 87: July was FOOD month

  1. $1700 at MOES?? WHY don’t these knuckleheads OPEN a restaurant themselves, or are they so incompetent that they can’t MANAGE MONEY?? OH, dumb question.. No wonder our roads are in bad condition and our schools suffer, while these “illumaniti” are out stuffing their pieholes!
    Hey JEN, how about saying SOMETHING about this, or would it offend your rainbow, leech, illegal friends??


  2. And Epiphany farms, $24 for 20 chicken wings?? That MUST be some MIGHTY fine chicken, maybe it’s free range and dipped in gold leaf??
    You can get a New York strip @ Outback for $24!

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  3. Handle this in same manner as business travelers and most government employees. You get GSA per diem amount for locality. You pay for your food from this, anything more is on your dime.

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    1. There is just no excuse for not handling travel dining on a per diem basis. Again, this kind of stuff is not rocket science. As far as “meetings” held over the lunch hour at a restaurant on the taxpayer dime, that’s just waste and abuse pure and simple.

      What to do about catering services? Not sure about that. When I worked a local election, there was food (cookies, pizza, soda) at the training sessions, etc. Of course, that’s not really necessary. But, I suppose they could make the argument that they want to create an environment that values the temp employees that they need to make an election happen. If you bumped up the pay $5 bucks each, it might have less of an impact than the perceived “perk” of snacks at the training.

      But, my guess is that there are a whole lot of other “very important” reasons to provide food for this event or that event. So, where does it stop? And who can stop it? Even “conservative” elected officials do these kinds of things.


  4. I’m just disgusted with 22 bucks for a Cobb salad and a bowl of soup, but then our leaders must be fed, and fed well at fancy places, and of course, “right fit” places…

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  5. Wow. One thing that is painfully obvious here (aside from ridiculous government spending) is that Dist. 87 are horrendous tippers. A 2.5% tip on a $1,655 bill? That’s embarrassing. If I were Moe’s I’d never cater to them again.


  6. Working lunches are nothing but theft. Who can eat, AND get meaningful work done? No one. Working lunch agenda’s should have a caveat. Bring your own lunch.


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