Dist 87 – April-May 2019 Credit cards

By:  Diane Benjamin  Start on page 69

Same procedure as the previous article, if you missed it read it first.  You won’t want to miss how much Barry Reilly spends on coffee:  https://blnnews.com/2019/06/13/district-87-how-about-some-current-spending/

See what was received by FOIA for this month:   04-2019

Buying local doesn’t apply to District 87.

Some of these charges do no match the receipts.  More receipts are missing.  I am supposed to receive the missing information from the previous story today.


  • Walgreens – 2 photos and what might be candy
  • Farm and Fleet – a cordless tool
  • Walgreens – 2 photos
  • Joann Stores – cheesecloth


  • Keurig – 480 K cups – variety of types (see previous story, the next month more, and a coffee pot)
  • McLean County Chamber – Regional Planning Commission Forum
  • Jimmy Johns – Board Policy Meeting Sales Tax $2.53
  • DRI printing – 1000 stickers – Sales Tax $9.51
  • IASB – meeting


  • Amazon – Tactical flashlight
  • Amazon – Invoices for :168.66, 124.80, 100.20, 539.91  multiple invoices with $54.78 Sales Tax *
  • Amazon – Doesn’t add *
  • Portillos – Working Speech Meeting – 24 sandwiches and 1 salad
  • Varidesk – it looks like only 1
  • Amazon – $18.61   Microscope slide
  • Amazon – See PDF page 30 – order was undeliverable
  • Amazon  no receipt
  • Amazon – TackBoard
  • Amazon – 4 JAVA programming books
  • Amazon  no receipt
  • Amazon   no receipt
  • Amazon  Credit
  • Amazon  Credit


  • Amazon No Receipt
  • Vistaprint – 6 A frame stands and 6 A-frame poster inserts
  • Amazon No receipt
  • Amazon No receipt
  • Amazon No receipt
  • Amazon No receipt


  • Amazon – Amazon receipts are a mess – can’t match up the charges to receipts
  • Amazon – Book
  • Amazon – Prime Membership Fee
  • Amazon – ?
  • Prime Video – HBO
  • Amazon – Amazon Web Service Charge
  • Amazon – Camcorder – same invoices twice, also invoice for prime fee-same amount
  • Sam’s Club – long list of various food and things like Ibuprofen
  • Amazon – Camcorder – same invoices twice
  • another Amazon – 169.99 – Camcorder and invoice for same amount for LED TV Sales Tax $10.00


  • Rosatis – I think it says Balanced Literacy Council
  • Amazon – 31 copies of the same book “The Darkest Minds”
  • Panera – 15 people delivered custom order, no notes for who or why  Sales tax 27.54
  • Amazon – colored pencils
  • Carolina – 11 Sheep brains. Let’s assume for biology class
  • Icle – Model School Conference in Washington DC
  • Potbelly – Sales Tax 13.98 large variety, no notes on the receipt. It was delivered
  • Littlebits – 7 Rule your room kits, poster board
  • Amazon – Wood block set


  • Amazon – Poster Board
  • Amazon – Prime membership fee
  • Ron Clark Academy – they sent 5 people to a 2 day seminar @ $925 each  Description:  The Ron Clark Academy is a highly acclaimed, nonprofit middle school in Atlanta that promotes innovation and engages its students through energetic teaching balanced by a strict code of discipline.
  • Herschela
  • Travelocity
  • Travelocity
  • Sheratan Hotel bill – total $890.71 – 1 king bed, two people in the room
  • booking fee included above
  • flights were for two people
  • travelers
  • Heartland – annual conference – Morton Il
  • Hansona
  • Amazon  Receipts for $18.98 (Sales Tax $1.53) and $49.07 (Sales Tax $2.74)  Can’t match to above
  • Target – Utility Tub Sales Tax of $1.22
  • Dollar Tree – Baking Soda and Laundry Basket
  • Amazon – IPad air cases
  • Thortons – Gift Cards labeled parent transportation to highroads
  • Paypal – Note says:  Manual for Ed O’Grady @ Raymond
  • Walmart – Activities storage for classrooms
  • Amazon – No receipt

16 thoughts on “Dist 87 – April-May 2019 Credit cards

  1. FLASHBACKS of TARI and his PCard. I think there’s a LOT of these folks that could use SHEEP’S BRAINS, as they all seem to have a void where their brain should be.. Especially when it comes to ECONOMICS!


    1. Oh, I think they have brains, and their brains know *exactly* what they are doing. This is all a feature, not a bug.


  2. I’m wondering why Hannah’s wife traveled to a professional conference on our dime. As far as I can see, she’s not employed by 87. Maybe there’s a reimbursement to offset the expense.


  3. So the next time these pigs ask for, or demand, a raise, OR complain that they don’t have enough money, let them explain this theft first. THEY ARE STEALING OUR TAX DOLLARS for personal comfort and convenience. This unfettered spending is utterly ridiculous.


  4. I feel OUTRAGE about $860.00 at Biaggi’s!
    I seriously believe this free meal stuff should STOP!!!
    Nobody pays for my meals. I gotta work to survive.


    1. They are clearly abusing the situation – IMO there may be situations where buying food is appropriate, but whether or not this is one of those times, I’d bet a paycheck they could have gotten comparable/appropriate food for much less from Avanti’s or some other venue.
      If they’re that bold in choice of restaurant, there’s a very good chance they’re also overreaching in deciding when providing food might be appropriate.
      Looks like Dist 87 needs to elect their own Stan or Karyn who won’t just go along with ‘how things are done’.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Heck, I LIVE less then 1/2 mile from Biaggi’s and have NEVER been there. Don’t care to, as I”ve heard it’s overpriced for what you get. Besides, I’m more a steak and potatoes person.
    These people SHOULD be UPHELD to the HIGHEST degree of the law, and have EACH and EVERY receipt accounted for and PROVE that it was for “BUSINESS” and not some afternoon drunken shopping trip..
    $600 at a pub.. WOW! What’d they do, buy a round after the Pirates won a game??


  6. Just remember folks that all this spending is coming out of YOUR pockets ! Your tax dollars, your fees for enrolling and keeping you kids in 87! I sure wish someone would pay for my meals to the tune of $860.00!


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