Other Things Bloomington is paying Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin


Does the message of MLK matter anymore?   Is anybody judged on the content of the their character?


Empire TIF payouts:


Coliseum continues to bleed taxpayers, is the 3rd one to cover operation losses?


Legal fees sent to Springfield is at least down a little:


Nothing is on the calendar for 6/20, reports are in process, and process, and process

7-6-f7-6-gThis is for the W Market mural that wasn’t supposed to cost taxpayers a dime:


Connect Transit  continues to get money to throw away while not serving the people that MUST ride the bus.  Common sense is MIA.


More Sick Leave Buy Back, we are going to be seeing a lot of it!



11 thoughts on “Other Things Bloomington is paying Monday

  1. When will the citizens….the taxpayers, FINALLY wake up to the absolute disfunction of Marxist dominated City government? …..and yet many of them will vote for Bernie or Liz. (Not that ALL of the Democratic field is not equally, unAmericanly, Hard Left.)

    Will next year be our LAST 4th of July? Christmas??

  2. Empire TIF! now that’s about as funny as a penguin asking to pass the ketchup! Eastland is about a ghost town, and IF that wasn’t BAD ENOUGH, the “idiots in charge” have made a BARRIER ISLAND on the service road so it’s basically USELESS coming from the west, so WHY go to Dicks, McDonalds, or whatever else is down there??
    Not to mention ALL the LOST traffic that is using “side streets” now.. .

  3. There is a lot of money here that either should not be spent at all or should be trimmed by looking for local providers (Springfield legal for example). So my perspective on this is: We have a city government that is spending money like there is no tomorrow, when there is a tomorrow. And the tomorrow that is quickly approaching our cozy little town with its one industry economy has economic disruption in it. Yes, I am once again sounding the alarm about this company and Blono’s dependence on it. If you have seen any of the recent State Farm’s online ads, they are attacking and doubling down on companies using tech instead of human agents. What they are saying is “we are right and they are wrong, people want agents, shut up and sit down”. Last year, in 2018 there were 18,000 InsurTech startups. Yes 18,000 companies are coming after State Farm and the other legacy insurance companies in a big way. If this does not scare you, you might be a friend of Mayor Little Man?

    So we have a liberal run government led by an Ivory Tower liberal college professor who is focused on his agenda and creating a town based on his vision. A down-to-earth leader would be focused on preparing our town for what is CERTAIN to happen: The continued downsizing of State Farm and a significant loss of people and tax revenue. This means cutting the fluff and stupid crap from the budget and focusing on REAL economic development (no not Downtown Bloomington and retail shops)

    So our government continues to spend like there is no tomorrow or more exactly like tomorrow is going to be the same as today. Things are not going to be the same. I guess we will have to wait until the bottom falls out of our economy before these jokers wake up? The end of Bloomington-Normal as we know it is approaching while Mayor Little Man and his posse spend like drunken rich frat boys on a Saturday night in Vegas.

    1. Well stated. The current SF leadership is more interested in their girlfriends and boyfriends than running the company. One couldn’t even pass the required testing until the third try for a professional designation but really knows how to work a room. Old man Mercherle is turning over in his grave.

    2. The thing with Socialists/Leftists is, yes, they will gladly rule over rubble as long as THEY are still doing fine, eating well, having anything they desire and going wherever they please. In city, town or even small town politics all the way to entire nations it is always the same and most especially when those of a socialist slant are in power.

  4. Neversilent you’re giving the little guy too much credit. That vision,,,is his marching orders. He’s really just a low level puppet doing what he’s told when he reports in at all those mayor conventions he goes to on the public dime His only real vision is being a big man and showing off a brand new Corvette in his garage, cause any fool knows not to be driving it on these crappy roads. A blown tire and alignment on a Vette is expensive when you got no p-card.

    1. Yes Mayor Little Man is just one of the cogs in the liberal machine bent on bringing a new world order to Blono and the entire United States. We must stop him and their insanity sweeping across our country. I firmly believe that the upcoming 2020 national election will be a 40+ state landslide that will signal the end of the Democratic Party nationally. None of Mayor Little Man and his buddy Jenn’s ideologies are mainstream in any way. The Democrats have moved to the left so far that real people of the United States will never again give power to them. Their only hope is voter fraud and packing the country with illegal aliens. This craziness has gone far enough and on long enough. The pendulum is about to swing back to common sense and sanity (It has already begun).

  5. Artolution is a non-profit based in NYC run by a Bln native.
    Hard to say who started this but it’s right up Jenn’s community activist alley even though it’s in Black’s ward.
    From the Pantagraph:
    The project is expected to cost $10,000. The amount includes the cost of Artolution to travel to Bloomington and art supplies, said El-Beshir.

    ‘We are doing a private fundraising campaign to make this project a reality. We want to get as much private participation as possible,” added Scott Black. “I imagine there will be a city contribution as this is an important part of the west side.”

  6. Unless the citizens of Bloomington and Normal wake up to city corruption of being duped by the progressive leftist agenda voter turnout will remain very low! As long as people are more concerned about their sports teams winning then paying higher taxes and these political horse and pony shows it will only get much much worse!

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