New Rivian Story – Automotive News

Since most of you are capable of reading, read the article yourself.  This is the most wide-ranging article I’ve seen to date.

Automotive News is a more reliable source for information than the press that doesn’t specialize in the auto industry.

The road signs have been replaced:

Rivian sign

Maybe some people can’t read!

Do you know I can tell how many bother to click the link?

22 thoughts on “New Rivian Story – Automotive News

  1. The automotive professional trades are indeed the best sources to get information about Rivian. Some are excited about the company’s chances for success while others are taking a wait and see approach. Koos wanted these guys here purely for political reasons. He hasn’t a clue about how the industry is run. He sees the company as another asset in making Normal “EV Town” and helping to destroy the gas and coal industry which he hates as a promoter and believer in Agenda 21. Anyone who has a background in this will tell you many questions remain whether this operation will be a long-term success. The investments so far are chicken feed when comparing the money needed to make this venture successful over the long haul.


  2. Well researched article. Thanks for sharing, Diane. What’s clear is that Rivian (like all EV companies both big and small) will be perpetually raising money due to the barriers to entry and costs associated with the automotive sector. They manage their PR extremely well, have been careful not to rely on over-the-top showmanship like Elon, and are building a brand through well-orchestrated public showcases of their vehicles. However, the money required just to produce a modest number of automobiles for purchase is astronomical. Survivability of a company based on one’s ability to continuously raise money is generally a bad strategy, though EV companies have little choice given the billions required. What happens not if but when we hit a recession? Will the 1%ers funding this company sit on their wallets and put future investments on pause? And, only the marketplace can tell us if the public actually wants Rivian vehicles. They/we won’t know until vehicles are rolling off the assembly line and Rivian is ringing the register.


    1. Eventually, the government will step in on all levels and tell you what you can drive on public roads. Just read a piece of tasty information that the Amazon deal with Rivian is not all it was cut up to be. Seems that enough Amazon employees were threatening to strike if Bezos didn’t make the Amazon operation more “green.” Also, Bezos also gave a hefty contribution to some oil and gas producers that will help streamline their operations allowing them to produce fossil fuels faster with better environmental technology. This did not go over well with Amazon employees nor some of their buddies at the Paris Accords. Jeffy acted quick and made the contribution to Rivian (that he sees as a main competitor to his rival Musk at Tesla) and the order for the vehicles that may or may not happen. Think politics when anything is announced at Rivian.


    1. Governments know this as well. It is why some foreign governments already have legislation on the books or will have soon outlawing internal combustion vehicles by a certain date. Several states are considering doing the same. When you see actions such as this you know something is up. There are several articles already out there informing the public of these plans. Another little talked about topic is electric costs and availability once we are all forced to drive electric vehicles.


    2. I agree with others who remain skeptical. Even if Rivian does manage to produce some vehicles and sell them, they will not be rolling vehicles off the assembly line like Mitsubishi did. There just won’t be enough buyers to justify that.


  3. What has happened with all the news stories about the electrical grid being vulnerable? One can only imagine how being reliant on electricity as opposed to gas and oil could be devastating to the economy and the citizens. Even the weather causes havoc as experienced world wide by storms, snow and ice, tornados or hurricanes and fire. I suppose the elite really want to enslave the citizens.


  4. Is the electrical industries ready to support the
    supply and demand, more jobs needed to install charging stations and maintain them also does the infrastructure going to be able to support the demand? I’m sure they have been and are still doing R&D on this. I’m sure the Illinois lawmakers have been working on the Taxing structure for all of this since the EV with not consume taxed fossil fuels and the EPA will have their input as well with the environmental impact on processing and disposal of the batteries for EV ‘s . Going green I think is a positive direction , but I love my fossil fuel cars also ….


  5. “…with some even offering to help ready the facility on their own time. ”
    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Scaringe is lying.


      1. What is happening in California that the electricity was turned off? Out of control wild fires burning hundreds of homes, entire communities, hundreds of miles of trees and brush. In other words climate change that you and your commenters insist isn’t occurring.

        Current electric vehicles can go 250 miles fully charged.There are charging stations all over the country which can be found by an app. Recharging at these stations is 15 minutes. Technology marches on no matter how you want it to stop. BTW, the electric company isn’t the “government”


      2. Also, you referenced an article that’s behind a paywall. Apparently I was the only one who read the article. The article stated that Rivian has done a lot of things that are smart. This includes buying the former Mitsubishi plant and locating in an area that has former Mitsubishi employees to hire. I guess bashing a corporation you decided to hate is more important than actually understanding the technology and the advancement of EV industry.


  6. IF EV cars, etc was SUCH a GREAT investment you’d see BIll Gates and Warren Buffet, etc. on the news, in the paper, etc, extolling their virtues and dropping a billion into such endeavors. I DON’T see that happening. RICH people got RICH for a reason-COMMON SENSE and a bit of savvy!

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  7. My question here: what happens to Rivian vehicles if by some chance a huge EMP pulse zaps US? Why they stop and never go again,that’s what! The naysayers will say,never happen,but those of us who do think out of the box will tell you its not a matter of if but when.


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