Tin-Foil Hat People and other emails

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are some things from the last Normal FOIA I found interesting.  Some other things are very interesting, I had to file another FOIA for those.  For now – enjoy these:

On September 1st at 8:55 pm a resident of Normal sent an email with this title:


The email is long, basically it spells out research the writer did and asks the Town to research before jumping on the 5G bandwagon.  The Town did take it seriously enough to involve the Town lawyer:

tin 5

The Town already has a Communication Specialist, evidently that person can’t be the propaganda purveyor too:

000000comm specialist

New lighting is being install in Uptown – this email doesn’t say it – but ISU is paying for half.  The color scheme is red and white.


Besides allowing Chemberly Cummings to put on a Diversity event with tax dollars, the Town also featured her in “Love My Town” videos.  Are they contributing to her campaign?

cc love

Want to know why local media sounds like they report what government tells them to report?


The Town has been receiving monthly checks for a cell tower lease.  It should have been paid to ISU.  Nobody bothered to ask why they were getting checks?  ISU didn’t notice they weren’t getting paid?

cell acell b








One thought on “Tin-Foil Hat People and other emails

  1. Looks like UPTOWN NEEDS a GOOD bookkeeper! Or a competent accountant! Of course then they’d need ANOTHER PR person to explain WHY they missed ALL THE IMPORTANT NUMBERS!


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