Did Normal decrease employees?

By:  Diane Benjamin

One way Normal has tried to justify problems is to state they had to decrease staff a few years ago.

Is that true?

Not according to what the Town sent to the Illinois Comptroller’s office:  The warehouse

This site was created years ago for citizens.  The format is easier to understand than the CAFR and three years of data can be compared with just a click.

This is what is entered from information the Town provided:  (fiscal years)

Normal Employ


Population is down.  Both Full time and Part time employees are up.  Of course salaries are up too.

The Equalized Assessed Value is up, likely due to Uptown which has no benefit to citizens or other taxing bodies.  Since the increased property tax revenue goes to the TIF the Town keeps it to pay TIF expenses.

I wonder if the Town included the three CIRBN employees?

4 thoughts on “Did Normal decrease employees?

  1. Are you calling the town Royalty liars? I specifically remember watching several officials during recent council meetings saying the town cut staff to save money. If the royals say it is true, then we are in no position to question.
    Diane, please keep us peasants ignorant. If we learn to much or speak against the King and Queen they will punish us with higher taxes to “Remind us of their love.” (Hamilton – the musical.) I recommend your readers google for that song and listen. It suits the current situation in Normal perfectly.

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  2. Ask Kathleen (Rino) Lorentz or Pam Reece’s mother – they seem to be pretty in tight with CIRBN: “Had to take our traditional selfie”


  3. Perhaps the time has come again to discuss the topic of combining some of the public services of Bloomington and Normal into a metro type system. One police, one fire, one garbage service,and even one bus service so to speak. Our cities’ parents seem to want a metropolitan environment,let us give them one. Same tax rates, same incentive programs, less commissions, less departments, less consultants, and probably more taxes.


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