Proof Page and Malott are the same person

malott pageTrisha Page

10 thoughts on “Proof Page and Malott are the same person

  1. Just emailed the McLean County Republicans @, informing them that it is my intent as a registered Republican to I either cast no vote , or cast a vote for the Libertarian candidate in the County Auditor election if Trisha Malott is the GOP candidate. At least the Democrats know what they would get with Fazzini.

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  2. If Hillary is her hero and we all know Hillary is a criminal…does that mean split personality Malloy aspires to be like Hillary, a criminal? I think we have enough criminals in McLean County.

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  3. Well I spotted this RINO plant the moment she announced …a clinical social worker by trade – the local GOP leadership fell for a pretty face quick fix to the Michele Anderson embarassment while failing to do due diligence ! So typical of the lame , almost intentional screw ups that lead to democratic socialists and progressive D’s to expand control in McLean county . Amatures.


  4. It has been my privilege to serve,,,blah, blah blah blah,,,er, uh,,,this kissing butt is so easy,,,er uh,,,can’t wait to put in my 20 and draw that lovely pension,,,like no other poor sap that I’ll be serving,,,,lol,,,,blah, blah, vote for me.


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