Bloomington Property Taxes not going up

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday’s packet:

If the assessed value of your home increased you will pay more, but the proposed rate will keep property taxes level if it didn’t.

bloom property taxes

Don’t get too excited, Tari knows people notice property taxes.  He knows other taxes are easier to hide,  That’s how you got an amusement tax, increased utility taxes, motor fuel taxes, sales tax increase, video gaming tax, garbage fee increase, water rate increase, storm water and sewer rate increases.

Cutting the budget and expenses won’t be considered.

Cannabis will save you though!

(or the users won’t notice the increases)

7 thoughts on “Bloomington Property Taxes not going up

  1. Prediction: Tari and the Council will, like most municipal governments, overestimate the amount of tax revenue and economic boost from licensed cannabis. Overtaxing and complex regulations have led to, and may in BN lead to, an increasing gray and black market. I’m for licensed cannabis, don’t get me wrong. But local governments have been way too greedy in their project tax revenue and demands of licensed businesses. We might all take comfort in knowing that the FBI is spending lots of resources investigating local and state corruption across the U.S. with respect to licensed cannabis. I know Tari, Jenn, and the gang don’t read this blog, but just in case, don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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      1. Worst case, if you can at least get a batch of good people onto the board, that’ll cut back on the damage he can do.


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