Combating FAKE News

By:  Diane Benjamin

I already reported Mike Matejka left facts out of his forum commentary:

Yesterday he did some community organizing to make sure his followers stay fired up and uninformed.  It’s all politics all the time for Mike, facts are immaterial.

Matejka didn’t lead this event, but he posted it on his Facebook page.  After this story the credibility of anyone who associates with Matejka needs to be questioned.

The leftists have tried for years to make their followers believe Trump built cages for kids at the border.  Actually, pics of kids in cages were taken during the OBAMA administration.  Funny how Mike and his buddies weren’t protesting then.

This is a great story proving the hypocrisy of people like Mike:




Jose had posted a pic of a kid in a cage crying.  It turns out that picture was from a staged protest in Dallas.

I can’t do anything about the fake national media coverage of current events.  I can point out the local instances.  Truth is all that should matter.  

The Pantagraph dutifully reported on this event.  Have they ever reported ICE agents have identified over 600 kids being “recycled” at the border?

Does anybody care about those kids?

This is Mike’s post from yesterday, I bet Obama’s caged kids weren’t mentioned:

Uptown yesterday

14 thoughts on “Combating FAKE News

  1. Matejka was a radical leftist when he was in college and has never stopped with his socialist and Communist political activism. He has contributed “labor pieces” to the Socialist Library in Chicago and is a supporter of socialist-backed events in that city through the laborers union. His concern for the “little man” is as phoney as it gets. The entire purpose of his actions is to convert more people to socialist philosophies and to make sure his brothers and sisters in arms obtain more political power. The writer of the story, Lenore Sobota, is also a political radical who failed at the legal profession and now uses her position at the Pantagraph to promote her leftist views.

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  2. “For we do not learn history in order to know the past, we learn history in order to find an instructor for the future and the continued existence of our own nationality” – Mein Kampf

    One of my favorite quotes! We need control of our borders. No one batted an eye when people said this in the past. Illegals control fake news! We the citizens control real news!

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      1. Today Stalin, Hitler and Mao smiled as they realized their ideas are still represented by Lenore. Everybody wants to see Trump’s tax returns, I want to see Lenore’s….if she lists her occupation as journalist I will be a whistle blower as she is a damn propogandist.

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  3. Please give the context that the chain link fences were built in 2014. There was a crisis of unaccompanied children crossing the border. The “cages” was built to separate sexes and the different ages of children. The children during this time were not kept more than 72 hours in the facilities before they were sent to foster homes by Homeland Security.

    Fast forward to the Trump’s administration separation of children from their parents. Children were separated from their parents with no real plan to unite them. A 2015 court order, based on a document called the Flores settlement, prevents the government from keeping migrant children in detention for more than 20 days. The fact is that children as young as infants were being kept in facilities longer than 72 hours in conditions which where inhuman. This included freezing temperatures with the air conditioners, little food, no personal hygiene products available for taking showers, brushing teeth. This included USCP agents laughing at crying children who were as young as 2 or 3 years old. Those very Federal officers having private Facebook groups that exchanged racist meme about those who are seeking asylum. That along with overcrowding made those facilities inhumane where children died in the custody of the United States.


  4. J Rubin living in denial of the physical and psychological abuse that these children face as human traffickers take advantage of them. I guess that’s what this umemployed librarian does. Live in denial.


  5. AND:
    Shelby Talcott at the Daily Caller News Foundation reports that a day later, Reuters and AFP deleted their stories after the U.N. clarified the numbers were from 2015, when President Barack Obama was in office. Neither outlet immediately responded to a request for comment on why they deleted the entire story, instead of issuing corrections and updating to reflect the numbers were from 2015.

    The page where the article was featured now has a retraction on Reuters.

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  6. The same people who protest the “poor children in cages” are the same people who clapped and had a party after making it legal to murder unborn and newborn Americans. Explain that one to me.


  7. Well the Pantagraph publisher got canned….Michelleb Pazar. She lasted less than a year. Hopefully she will be the start of many of the crap employees who work for that piece off crap to go. Maybe they will lose Tari and Koos butt kissing reporters and we get some real investigation into these two losers.

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